49 Indian Funny Images will make Your Day

16. No Parking Allowed

17. This is Called Women Powerment

18. Women Powerment Part 2

19. Where is My Seat? I want to Learn this Chapter

20. Hot dog

21. Enemies Must be Terrified Now

23. Friends Zone at best or Something Else

24. Self Confidence Level too High For this man

25.  Kulfiwala 

26.  Good if you do not ask for Adress again

27.  Lemon Juice or No Lemon Juice

28. For him! Just Do it EveryWhere

29. Grapes in the hands of Monkey. This is true I believe

You can understand the condition of this girl well. While the girl is looking in the condition of crying, the groom, the old man, is being blown to happiness. Actually, there is a fact hidden in this last picture too. In India, examples of such weddings are coming out from time to time, where daughters’ deals are made in the greed of money.

30. They made better Cholle 

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