5 Common Myths and Facts about Mobile Phones

There are many misconceptions related to mobile which everybody talks about and follow them, but you should know before agreeing that if it is not just rumor, then let’s get you the same 5 Are going to tell misunderstandings that are connected to mobile.

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1. More megapixel means better Picture

Every person loves selfie. So whenever you buy a new smartphone, you want to know the camera’s megapixel first. Most people think that the photo quality in the mobile camera that has more megapixels is better, so let us tell you that this is absolutely wrong. Megapixel counts only when you print the picture. In fact, the quality of the photo depends on many more things like megapixels such as camera lens, sensor, focus etc.

2. Second charger should not be used

You must have heard this thing many times that do not charge your phone any other phone or company’s charger, only use the charger that came with this phone. This thing is absolutely wrong. You can use any type of charger, even if it is from any company, just keep in mind that the second charger should not be a duplicate, but there is no other problem.

3. Battery may be worsened if charged for overnight

You may have heard this too many times that do not charge mobile overnight charging, otherwise, your phone may be spoiled or your battery may be damaged. The truth is that you can charge mobile overnight, this will not do anything to your battery. The reason for this is that today’s mobile phones are ‘smart’ phones. Your phone will recognize that it is fully charged and will stop charging itself.

4. The number of bars in the phone is as good as the signal

Generally, people believe that the number of times in the mobile is as good as the signal but this is not the case. The signal bars in mobile only show how much distance your mobile phone is from that network tower. If you are making a phone call near the tower very close and at the same time there are 4 thousand people in your area who are trying to call you, then your network will be completely busy and you will get bad calling quality, so this misunderstanding Do not stay in

5. Turn off data connectivity will benefit

It is said that shutting down data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS will reduce the load on your battery. It is also advisable that if your mobile is charging less then turning them off will help. This is basic system services that should be turned on in your mobile so that it can work comfortably.

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