5 Controversies of Aamir Khan that destroyed his Image as Superstar

4. Extramarital Affairs and Divorce

Well, this is not big deal in Bollywood or any other Industry. Actors have affairs with their costars and divorce but it is said that Aamir Khan was involved in extramarital affairs. It was the reason he finally finishing up his with marriage with Reena Dutta after 16 years and married Kiran Rao.

5. Take Parts in Many Protests

Aamir Khan is the first Bollywood actor to take part in a big movement. Let me tell you that in 2006, Aamir Khan gave full support to the Narmada Bachao Andolan Samiti in Gujarat and he had also come to take part in it. After which he had to face a lot of confrontation because of to this.

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