These 5 Home Remedies Could help you to Cure Dengue fever

Nowadays dengue fever is spreading rapidly. Getting rid of fever is not easy in this disease. During this, the pain in the patient’s joints and pain in the head also remains. Plus, platelets are significantly reduced. There are also some effective things in your home that can help you fight this disease for your information. You can take the following measures at your convenience and with the advice of a specialist.

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5 Home Remedies to Cure Dengue Fever

1- Drink coconut water for relief from dengue fever. The essential nutrients such as minerals and electrolytes present in it help to strengthen the body.

2- Boil basil leaves in hot water and then drink this water. By doing this the body’s immune system is better. It can drink four times a day.

3- Boil the fenugreek leaves in the dengue fever and make tea by drinking it. By doing so, the toxic substances of the body come out and the dengue virus is removed.

4- The leaves of papaya are also quite effective. Papen present in it keeps the digestion of the body right. Drinking juice of platelets increases rapidly.

5- Boil black pepper with water in basil and drink it. It strengthens the immune system and acts as an anti-bacterial.

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