5 Most Shameful Incidents in Cricket – Videos

1. Steve Smith, David Warner, and Bancroft tried to Cheat the Game – The ball Tempering Saga

Cricket was a Gentlemen game before but these type of incidences proves this statement wrong. That happens in 24th March, the third test match against South Africa. Bancroft was trying to cheat the game with ball tampering. He had a yellow tape in his trousers, Which he secretly using for ball tampering. Fortunately, he was caught in camera. Later, three players were found guilty. Steve Smith the captain of Australian cricket team admitted that it was their decision.

  • ICC banned Steve Smith for 1 test match later Cricket Australia banned Steve Smith for 1 year.
  • David Warner banned by CA for 1 Year
  • Bancroft banned for 9 months.
  • David Warner and Steve Smith both can’t Captain Australia for 2 Years

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