5 Most Shameful Incidents in Cricket – Videos

2. The most Embarrassing Incident of Cricket – The Underarm Bowing Incident

The World Series Cup Final between Australia and New Zealand was being played on 1 February 1981. New Zealand needed six runs on the last ball to win. Australia captain Greg Chappell was at that time asking to bowl his brother Trevor Chappell, who was bowling, to throw an underarm ball. Those days the underarm ball was considered legal. However, it was not used by watching the game spirit. Brian McKay was on the strike and with an aggressive ball playing the ball, Egie was batting at non-striker end at that time. Egger returned to the knot with 102 runs, and Kiwi had brought the team closer to victory. However, due to the underarm incident, few people remembered their century. This century is considered to be the most overlooked century of cricket history.

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