5 Most Shameful Incidents in Cricket – Videos

3. Biggest dishonesty in cricket history

A man in folk darling sports cricket in the country had such a phenomenon. Through which the entire universe and his team were embarrassed. In the match between Australia and the West Indies, the West Indies player made such a move that after that the whole team had to be ashamed. This ODI match was played on SCG ground. Actually, as soon as the Australian batsman hit the shot, the bowler Roger Harper tried his best to get caught, but the catch was slipped from his hand. Harper, however, was dishonest while capturing the catch in some way as if he was caught, but the ball had already fallen on the ground. The umpires dismissed the demands of the bowler and the opposition team by mutual consent. It was also evident in the replays that the batsman was not out and the ball had fallen off Roger’s hand. After this match, many veterans of Roger Harper have criticized many.

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