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6 Perfect Honeymoon destinations

honeymoon destinations

In today’s times, the bride and groom are excited for more honeymoon than their marriage. To go on a honeymoon, Pulse is looking for a romantic and quiet place, where she can spend a relaxing time. In such a way, while hunting honeymoon destination, you have to take care that the place is offbeat. Today, we are going to tell you about some of the offbeat honeymoon destinations, where you can make your honeymoon even more memorable. So let’s know about Best Offbeat Destination to spend time relaxing with partner.

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1. Lakshadweep

Although this beautiful island of India is small the beaches are quite large here, which is the main center of the tourist attraction. Here you can see the unique world of the sea through scuba diving with your partner. Apart from this, you can also enjoy the sunset with your partner here.

2. Khajjiar

Khajjiar will also be the best to spend a beautiful moment with a partner away from the crowd. This hill station is considered to be one of 160 Mini Switzerland. To roam you can come here in any season. High-elevated trees, beautiful white hills, surrounded by greenery, placid and peaceful atmosphere will make your honeymoon memorable.

3. Tawang

Tawang Hill Station of Arunachal Pradesh is also perfect for honeymoon. Here you can see mysterious caves with beautiful partners, beautiful petitions with your partner. If you are looking for some offbeat destinations to travel with your partner, then you can go here.

4. Shillong

In this hill station, famous for its ‘Seven Sisters’ waterfall, you can spend a loving moment with your partner. In addition to the beautiful rivers, lakes, and waterfalls, you can also trek into the forest with your partner here. Apart from this, you can enjoy the musical events of Shillong Peak and Western Culture here.

5. Vietnam

You can go here to see the unique combination of natural beauty and culture. Vietnam’s size sea stretches up to 3,444 km. Apart from this, ‘Love Market’ is also organized for couples.

6. Turkey

If your partner has a passion to know about history and new culture, then this place is absolutely perfect for you. You can enjoy here Cave Resort, Traditional Turkish Spa, SensualTurkish Bath, and Romantic Fountain Rides. Apart from this, the lively market, beach, and nightlife are also famous for its beautiful moments with the partner.

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