7 Cool Ways to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

                                           5. Reduce humidity

Humidity and moisture in the air reduce the body’s ability to cool itself through the evaporation of perspiration. To cool your home (and yourself), you need to reduce humidity. Here are the things that you need to do. The first is to ventilate. Ventilate your home, especially the area where the moisture is created, like the bathroom and kitchen. Ensure that in those areas the exhaust fans vent to the outside. Second, take colder and shorter showers. Third, if you have freshly cut firewood, keep them outside. They contain large amounts of water that will evaporate when stored indoors.  Lastly, use a dehumidifier. Choose the right dehumidifier based on the size of space you want to dehumidify. For example, choose small dehumidifier for a small room.

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