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7 low calorie foods that speed up Your Weight loss Efforts

low calorie foods

Whether the obesity spoils your personality, also you may also have many health related problems. People take a healthy diet along with exercise despite this they do not lose weight fast. Some people also leave their favorite food for weight loss. But these efforts are not enough to fulfill their weight loss dream. Today, we are trying to tell you about a few such foods which have low fat. Without taking care of obesity you can eat these things which are healthy and full of taste. These foods will not increase your weight too and your body will also get the necessary ingredients. So let’s know about these things that do not raise obesity.

Below are Low Calorie Foods for Loosing Weight 

1. Apricot

The apricot is a little star of anti-gonflette. By incorporating this fruit in your diet, it allows you to keep a flat stomach. Rich in pectin and fiber, apricot is the perfect appetite to finish lunch or grab a snack.

His most? It is bursting with potassium, a mineral anti-water retention. And it is not over because its low calorie and high fiber density are useful to lose weight without harming the body. Real asset food is also a very good ally beauty. Its rich beta-carotene helps to prepare the skin for sun exposure and forms an excellent barrier against free radicals.

How to use it? In a sweet and sour salad. Mix it with cold cuts of meat and mint leaves and chews.

2. Green beans

Rich in fiber, vegetable facilitates intestinal transit and calcium keeps bones strong. Accompanied by a lean white meat or made into a salad, beans are very easy to consume. The trick? Alternate occasionally green beans with eggplant.

3. Tomato

Salad, gazpacho, in pies, cooked or raw, and even sorbet, you can taste the tomato in all its forms in the summer. This fruit has any good, and then nothing prevents us to taste without moderation. Refreshing, low calorie, the tomato is a fruit bursting with potassium and vitamins A and C.

4. Cherries

Cherries are certainly very small fruits but they have great virtues. Cherries are indeed sips of pectin, a soluble fiber that dissolves in the body and prevents it from absorbing fat. Functions diuretics cherries combined with its dietary fiber and help stimulate intestinal transit and eliminate the overflow of bad fats in the body.

How to consume? Cherries, unfortunately, do not keep very long. So they do not get damaged, keep them in a fruit basket away from heat or in a crisper no more than two days.

5. Nectarine

This cousin of fishing originated in China and much low calories than the latter. Juicy and delicious, nectarine brings a good dose of antioxidants that the body needs at the end of a meal. Another significant advantage of this fruit with smooth skin: rich in fiber. In this way, it facilitates transit and eliminates bad fats accumulated in the body.

6. Melon

Input and/or dessert with a squeeze of lemon, the melon is low in calories (30 kcal per 100 grams) and it is a cocktail of vitamins. To consume without moderation.

7. Artichoke

Everything is good in the artichoke. With a moderate energy intake (40kcal per 100 grams), it is preferred vegetable in salads or as a garnish. Most of the food slimming? Its vitamin B and C and its significant contribution in minerals (potassium and calcium).

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