What is the best way to Quit Smoking

When you are going to go on a diet, there are plenty of people around you who you can ask for advice. Everyone has their own theory, their own diet plan, and know what works and doesn’t work – at least for them. But, when it comes to the best way to quit smoking, they are hard to find. First of all, sometimes you can’t identify people who used to smoke. Second, many people who do smoke and are trying to quit are too embarrassed to admit that they “have a problem” and want to find a way out.

To a non-smoker, stopping smoking may seem simplistic: Stop Smoking, Overcome Withdrawal and then Avoid Re-Smoking. To a smoker, however, there is nothing simple about stopping smoking and the majority of smokers will attempt and fail many times before they finally discover how to quit smoking cigarettes once and for all and experience the freedom of no longer being held hostage to addiction.

Stopping smoking and then remaining a non-smoker can be for many a life long struggle. For that reason here are a few quit smoking tips that can get you started on your new life as an ex-smoker.

1. Let’s say it right from the start 

To start with the best way to quit smoking the hardest thing you ever do in your entire life. For most people, there may probably never come a day when you wake up and don’t want a cigarette. When you see other people smoking, you will be jealous and you will miss smoking when drinking and socializing. If you can face those facts right from the beginning, you will have a better chance of getting through those first few weeks

2. You cannot just “cut back”.

Nicotine addiction is for real and your body craves more and more. If you smoke two packs a day now, you may be able to temporarily cut back to one pack a day, but you will be miserable. If you are ever to get over the addiction, you have to stop smoking full stop.

3. Most nicotine replacement therapy products like the nicotine patch or gum only serve to give you nicotine in another form, so you are not really breaking the addiction. You are generally getting the same amount of nicotine as you were getting before but in a safer form. These products do work – sometimes – but not for most people, and they won’t make your life all that much easier.

4. Talk to people who used to smoke

Find out what worked for them and tell them you are seriously considering quitting smoking. They will be able to give you quit smoking tips that are real. They will be able to tell you what they did with their idle hands, what they did when they craved a smoke, what they put in their mouth to replace the constant cigarette, and how they kept off the weight when they quit.

Finally tell those close to you that you are attempting to quit smoking and then get all the support you can from friends, family, and co-workers who are rooting for you and can help keep you on track.

Studies have shown that those smokers who have a strong support system in place before they stop smoking have a higher rate of success. But to succeed overall you need to make a committed decision to stop smoking.

Stopping Smoking begins with your mind, and once you have the right mindset the battle is half won. You CAN quit smoking once and for all if you do it the right way. And if you fail, keep trying until you finally beat cigarette addiction

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