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6 breastfeeding myths and Facts for Women

breastfeeding myths and facts

Giving birth to a child is a test for all women. They should keep their body’s nutritious fulfillment up to the best level. It is because the child’s life depends on the mother’s milk for at least 6 months after birth. Not only does the child develop well, but also the mother and infant survive from many problems. If possible join WIC classes online that can help you to build internal strength and prepare for motherhood. But today we are going to tell you some myths related to breastfeeding, which every woman believes is true. So let us know on this occasion, some myths related to breastfeeding, which should never be believed.

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What are those Breastfeeding Myths and Facts?

Breast Size

Myth: Most women believe that due to the shortage of breast size the baby does not get enough milk, which is wrong. If the mother is healthy then there is no problem in getting enough milk for the baby.

Fact: Only if your diet is not proper that will affect you and your baby. Breast size doesn’t matter for breastfeeding. So take care of your proper diet. Include green vegetables and yellow vegetables, milk, fruits, water etc. Stay away from alcohol and Caffeine.


2. Only beneficial for the child

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Myth: If you think breastfeeding is beneficial only for the baby, then you are wrong. Tell you that breastfeeding is good for both mother and infant. Not only this, breastfeeding also reduces the risk of cancer in women to a great extent.

Fact: Breastfeeding can help to reduce weight faster which most of the women gain during pregnancy. It also reduces the risk of Breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

3. Breasts can be unshaped

Myth: Many women think that breastfeeding makes the breasts unshaped, which is a misconception. Because this does not make a difference in breast size, but it keeps both mother and infant health.

Fact: Breasts size do not get affected. However, it is healthy for both mother and child.

4. Should not Breastfeed if not well

Myth: Mother’s milk is considered to be of nectar for the baby. In such a case, if you think that the mother should not give her milk to the child when she is ill, then it is wrong.

Fact: Feeding on your sickness does not make any difference to the health of the child.

5. Side effects of medicines on breastfeeding

Myth: Some women think that the side effects of medicines given after Caesarean delivery stop the process of milking in the mother’s body.

Fact: This assumption is absolutely wrong because there is no relation between lactation and Caesarean delivery. All you need to do is take care of your diet.




6. Should not Breastfeed immediately after delivery

Myth: Women think that breastfeeding immediately after delivery could dangerous for the child because their first milk could contain certain bacterias. Therefore, women think that the baby should not be fed immediately after birth

Fact: But we would like to tell you that breastfeeding after delivery is most beneficial for the baby. Because there is an element called colostrum which strengthens the infant’s immune system.

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