Elizabeth Zaks Instagram, Age, Height, Wiki and lesser known facts

Elizabeth Zaks is a fitness model who with time has become an Instagram sensation. Her story of becoming a fitness model is quite inspiring and throughout her career, she has not just name and fame but also has brought her popularity on the internet. Whoever is following her knows how inspiring is to follow her and see her workouts. Zaks truly has maintained her routine beautifully and this surely makes her attractive.

Elizabeth Zaks

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Elizabeth Zaks Instagram, age, height, wiki and lesser-known facts

Real NameElizabeth Zaks
Date of BirthJune 13, 1996
Place of BirthFlorida USA
ProfessionalFitness Model, Influencer
Age24 Years as of Nov 2020
Height168 cm
Relationship StatusBoyfriend
Net Worth0 – 500k $ Estimated
NationalityUnited States
Social MediaInstagram – elizabethzaks

Twitter – elizabethzaks

Youtube – ElizabethZaks

Early life and family

Zaks was born on June 13 in the year 1996, in Florida USA and she belongs to the Gemini sign family. Actually, she has dual American and Russian nationality; people rarely know that she is from a family of Russian descent her parents, and are from Russia. Her mother was a doctor in Russia then she had to embark on her medical education all over again in the US. Zaks has also worked on several jobs: waitress on a casino boat, cleaner and wall painter in new apartments, and there was not any air conditioning. Her father, Ilya Zaks got died on 18th June 2004, but he died when he was only 31 years old when Elizabeth was just eight.

elizabeth zaks Instagram

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Her career as a fitness model and Instagram sensation

Those who have chosen this path of fitness model are the ones who are truly committed to their dreams and goals. It was high school when she got sure that she is truly interested in making her career into fitness and with time this feeling started strengthening. But when she had decided nothing was so easy by then and she had to convince people around her. This phase, she says was not easy but the toughest one. When she had entered the gym, she never looked back and tries working towards her dream. Fitness modeling is also a kind of responsibility and modeling that is not easy. For that models needs to take care of their body and this is the most important thing for them. There is not anything important than their fitness and it takes a lot and hard work to do so.

Elizabeth Zaks Instagram sensation

With time, she had become an Instagram sensation and this happened because of her hard work. Instagram is one such place where people can be a sensation in no time and Zaks had become an Instagram sensation in no time. For this, she had worked day and night and this really helped her become what she is today. Her Instagram brought her lots of recognition and fame and she has 800, 000 followers on her Instagram. Actually, Zaks is a popular face on Instagram and she really has a good number of likes and subscribers and this shows enough that she is going well.

How religiously she follows her routine?

Anyone in the field of modeling or fitness needs to be extra careful and committed. I had to be committed as well as and this was because I had to improve each day and follow my routine religiously. It is not about the following routine religiously but it is about the following goal religiously and this surely brings a kind of responsibility. Her story of becoming a fitness model is quite inspiring and she has also worked as a brand FashionNova, GymShark, and EHPlabs online store, and many others.

Personal life, ex-boyfriend fitness trainer Michael Falco

In the year 2011, Elizabeth had begun dating Michael Falco and he was her fitness trainer. However, this is a rare factor people know about it that they (she and her trainer) both were in the same high schools o they already knew each other. In the year 2018, they had broken up and Elizabeth shared that they both did on a mutual level. It was no one’s fault but after then Elizabeth chose to be alone and not into a relationship. In many of her interviews, she had admitted this fact that it never bothered her to be alone and she is absolutely okay with this fact. She said when she would feel that she could come into a relationship now, only then she will accept this relationship until she will not come. Zaks has even admitted the fact that she would like to have her new boyfriend just like her ex-boyfriend and those 7 years have been the best days of her life. So it seems Elizabeth Zaks still needs her time to accept these things more t heal. However, in every one of her interviews, she said that she has healed herself and she is enjoying her company. It does not bother her much that she is single.

Some unknown and known facts about Zaks

  • Elizabeth likes drawing and she even enjoys painting she finds out her time.
  • She has even a cat and her name is Luna. Luna is her favorite pet.
  • Hoodie Allen is her favorite singer and she listens to him very much.
  • However, throughout her career, she remained loyal and followed her healthy diet. She always feeds herself waffles, cake,s or chocolate donuts. These are her favourite and she never leaves a chance to have them.
  • Traveling the world is another passion and she has been to Hawaii, Australia, and several of the European countries. And whenever she finds out time, she never misses the chance and she travels a lot. Zaks says we all should travel a lot this gives lots of wisdom into life.


She is active on social media and her fans can follow her on her account. We also keep all the information in one place plus we have also available all the photos, videos of her. Anyone who is looking for her videos and photos they can easily do that. Anyone who is looking for more of her information can surely follow her and be with us. We are here to help her fans to reach her and be part of her journey. There is so much to know about her and information is easily available today.

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