Why Should You Buy Epoxy Floor Coatings For Your Workplace?

Whether you are working in a warehouse, industrial shop, commercial garage, manufacturing plant, or you have a large concrete surface in your vicinity, if you choose to buy epoxy floor coating then it can add new levels of appeal and functionality. Contreat Australia provides an industrial epoxy coating which when applied professionally gives some excellent benefits.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Long-lasting Protection

Concrete flooring and metal flooring are hard but are not indestructible. Many years of foot traffic and heavy equipment may lead to surface level damage like excessive cracking or even structure damage at a deeper level. Epoxy coatings offer a protective layer on the surface of the flooring behaving as a solid barrier against chemical and physical damages. It has a measure of surface flexibility by nature that absorbs impacts and redistributes forces that could damage the flooring. As a consequence, there is less breakage and great safety at the workplace due to an undamaged floor.

Easy Maintenance

It is not easy to sweep off dirt, debris and dust of untreated concrete and cleaning up spills can be difficult. The concrete has porous nature which means that oil, grease and chemicals can be absorbed into the floor before you get time to remove them. If there is repeated exposure then these areas may get saturated and cause stains and harbouring odours and also bacterial growth. An epoxy floor coating withstands this effect by keeping the contaminants at the surface only. The nonporous, spill-resistant surface is easy to clean and liquids or solids and chemicals can be cleaned using conventional means. It does not require to deep clean your floor a number of times a year with an epoxy floor coating.

Special Applications

Industries having special needs can find epoxy coating suitable to them having slip-resistant floor coatings, chemical resistant coatings, antistatic floors and a number of other varieties that offer things which regular floors cannot.

Get The Desired Look

We know that image is everything, even if we are working in an industrial building. Having good customers, regular clients or other important business parties visiting your workplace means it is necessary to give a good impression. Epoxy floor coatings provide hard surfaces with a professional shine and are available in a number of colours and patterns. They can clean and brighten what may otherwise look like a dingy space.

The epoxy coating improves the light reflectance value of a concrete floor, improves safety and visibility. It can be used for organisations or floor striping projects to dictate workflow around the building, improving worker’s safety and efficiency.


Epoxy floor coating is a versatile coating in the market for commercial, residential and industrial spaces. Not only does it offer an excellent hardness in a variety of colours but it also has a longer life span with very low maintenance. Epoxy flooring is mostly applied to protect and add beauty to the concrete floor, it has a much more complex and versatile nature than that. Epoxy coating is not the cheapest option when compared to concrete polishing. If epoxy is not applied under the right conditions, it may result in bubbles, blisters or even fail to stick to the floor. The most important is proper cleaning and preparation of the floor before installation. If the floor is not prepared properly then this coating will not last.

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