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6 Foods that can help your skin to keep glowing even after 40!

6 Foods that can help your skin to keep glowing even after 40

Our skin is the first thing to react to all the good and bad things that happen to our body. Our skin is in the worst situation nowadays for the excess pollution of the environment, and this can make you age prematurely and look old. But Mother Nature has so many good things to provide us for cleaning our system and keep glowing. So here are some anti-aging foods that will help you to be more beautiful even in your 40s.

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1. Papaya

We all know that papaya is a rare superfood. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals which improves skin elasticity. Papaya helps your skin to shed dead skin cells and gives you a fresh, radiant skin.  It also makes fine lines and wrinkles appear less. It has calcium, magnesium, and potassium that are very important for our health. Anti-oxidant fights with radical damage which is one of the biggest reason for ageing. It works as an anti-inflammatory for the skin which is considered as the best characteristic for an anti-ageing food.

2. Broccoli

Broccoli is a must0include item for all the anti-ageing purpose. Like papaya, it is also an anti-inflammatory food as well. It is with vitamin C that makes the skin the glow. Vitamin C boosts collagen production which is the protein that improves skin elasticity. Fibre, folate, lutein, and calcium everything is packed in broccoli.

3. Nuts

All kinds of nuts are good for the skin. Almond is noted as the best source for vitamin E. Vitamin E keeps the skin moisturized and repair skin tissues after damage. Nuts can protect your skin from the harm of UV rays. Walnut contains omega 3 fatty acid which helps vegans to get omega 3 from the non-animal product. Eating nuts improve our skin’s natural oil barrier. This help to lock the moisture in the skin that is great for anti-ageing. We see signs of ageing when we start to lose moisture, and the skin looks lifeless. Nuts protect the barrier and do not let moisture go away.

4. Avocado

If you want to get a soft babylike skin, then you have to add avocado to your diet. Its essential nutrients are best for preventing signs of ageing. It contains vitamin K, C, E, and A. all of these vitamins are especially best for the skin. The carotenoid content of avocado blocks toxins and sun from entering the body.  It protects you from getting skin cancer. It is a tasty fruit, so you will not have a hard time consuming it at all.

5. Pomegranate seeds

Pomegranate is known as a healing fruit from a very long time. It is high in vitamin C and anti-oxidants to make you glow like never before. Pomegranate is also great for protecting our skin from skin damage. It also reduces a lot of toxins from our body that we are putting in every day. The fruit has punicalagins in it that preserves collagen of our skin and keeps it younger for years. It also makes the ageing process slower.

6. Spinach

Spinach might appear not much as food. But it is packed with hydration and nutrients in it. Its anti-oxidant is best for replenishing and oxygenating our body. This ordinary looking leaf is packed with A, C, E, and K. It is an excellent source for plant-based heme iron.   The vitamin C increases collagen production in the skin and makes it younger looking. The vitamin A found in the spinach promotes better hair growth, and vitamin A reduces inflammation in the skin.


Food can make a massive change in our body. You can have the best skin if you can maintain a healthy diet all the time. Keep eating healthy and drink more water and you will be amazed to see your skin for a few days because as water washes toxins and healthy food nourishes us.

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