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Importance of a Good Camera of Galaxy S7 Edge

Galaxy S7 edge is a very popular phone. This is pure because of the back camera of the S7 Edge. Let’s talk about the front-facing camera in the complete evaluation. As it gets to hardware, Samsung gives customers both the S7 and S7 Edge. The S6, as well as the S6 Edge, arrived with a back camera that uses a 16MP picture sensor. But perhaps the S7 and S7 Edge are using image sensor of 12MP. Indeed, Samsung took a step back whenever it comes to complete pixel count. And this is fantastic news.

Now Samsung as well is coming back to the 12MP sensors the reason is, it likes larger pixels that are better suited to detail, light along with dynamic range.

The company gives 2 image detectors which are Sony IMX 260, a fresh sensor introduced for the very first time on the device, and also Samsung’s own SLSI S5K2L1 FIMC IS detector, which utilizes ‘ISO Cell’ technology. Talking about India, Samsung is selling the S7 Edge that utilizes the ISO Cell detector. However, unlike the processor portion where it is evident which nation is given what processor Exynos 8890 or it is Snapdragon 820 in the scenario of cams, it is a real jackpot. What you see in your S7 and S7 Edge is all a matter of opportunity.

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If a comparison is done between Galaxy S7 vs S7 Edge then throughout this analysis of Samsung Galaxy S7 versus Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S7 Edge is preferable than off Galaxy S7 due to the current unique characteristics it has. Galaxy S7 Edge has further 3,600mAh battery energy and an enhanced display screen.

Samsung Galaxy S7 is 143.4 mm in height whereas Galaxy S7 Edge is 151.9 mm in height.

Samsung Galaxy S7 is 7.8mm thick whereas Galaxy S7 Edge is 7.7 mm in thickness.

Both devices have a case: metal black: metal.

Samsung Galaxy S7 weighs 154 gm whereas Galaxy S7 Edge weighs 157 gm.

Samsung Galaxy S7 is 69.7 mm in width correlated with Samsung Galaxy 72.5 mm.

Some of the stuff that hit during trials was how most of the characteristics of the S7 Edge camera system were comparable to the Apple iPhone interface.

We’re not getting caught up in the argument that went first since both brands can pretend to do stuff in a certain manner, but there are similarities between them. Samsung is moving toward an easier camera interface, whereas Apple is bringing in more configurations–and both are merging somewhere in the center.

Megapixels don’t matter anymore; there are yet more significant variables to make an excellent mobile camera.

The Galaxy S7 Edge also has a very comparable screen flash technique of enlightening faces in the frontal camera as the Apple iPhone–it’s very hard not to notice the similarity once this component wasn’t available in the S6 duo and it’s been popping up since Apple launched it last year.


Apart from the modifications in the title, however, the Galaxy S7 is a gentle update. The Galaxy S6 had been and still is an outstanding smartphone, so it’s not too much of an issue.


Thus the Samsung mobiles jammed into a set of VR glasses, the screen just a centimeter away from your eyes, and divided in 2 (one-half for each eye), the resolution you require for a crunchy display will skyrocket and every extra pixel count. The qualities and features are exploring day by day with the time and the needs of the customers.

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