interesting facts about coffee

7 Interesting Facts about Coffee – For Coffee Lovers

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exercise food

Top 7 Pre-exercise Foods that Builds Strength

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honey diet

Top 5 Methods to Use Honey in Your Diet

Honey can be used as an alternate of home baking, cuisine and canning recipes. It is the best and healthy surrogate of sugar and anyone can acclimatize very easily when home making... Read more »
foods should not be consumed in summer

10 Foods are harmful for your Health if Consumed in Summer

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best food used as painkillers

Do not Reheat These 7 Foods – Could make you in Severe Health Problems

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food for diabetics

7 healthy food for diabetics that Keeps the diabetes away

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For Food Lovers – Know the different Food festivals Worldwide

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benefits of papaya

6 Benefits of Papaya that You Should Know – Eat daily for Healthy Life

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How to Make a delicious Spanish omelet in breakfast

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Health Benefits of Garlic

7 Healthy Benefits of Garlic that You Should Know

Whether the cholesterol is rising or the patient of diabetes, the intake of garlic in the diet is beneficial not only in winter but also in every season. Along with Ayurveda, now... Read more »