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Top 5 Methods to Use Honey in Your Diet

honey diet

Honey can be used as an alternate of home baking, cuisine and canning recipes. It is the best and healthy surrogate of sugar and anyone can acclimatize very easily when home making your fruits and pickles.

Honey not only make your cuisines delicious but its medicinal properties can care you from cold, cough and also it is herbal and there are no side effects like medicine which are available in the market. Players usually take Honey in order to boost their physical fitness and sporting performances. Honey slow and steady energy boosting effect is very useful for the players.

The sweet taste of honey does not just make your food sweet and delicious but the nutrition value is so high that scientists believe that it is indeed beneficial to our body system.

Buying Honey is never been so easy task, it needs a sharp eye for detail. Whenever you buy raw honey from the market always check the level, it should not contain blended ingredients. Raw honey can be found in your local market in jars or cans. It looks very pretty on store shelves. Don’t go for those honey jars which are purposely dressed up to lure you. These are often not real but blended or processed with ample amount of sugar and corn syrup, which can be very harmful.

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1. In your beverages

2. As a bread spread

Using this product as a breakfast or bread spread is a smart and healthier alternative to the sugar-packed conventional bread spreads available in the market. Generously spread honey onto your morning toast for a delicious breakfast; remember to have some fruit portions as well. Make a paste of honey and cinnamon powder and apply it on bread as a spread, instead of jams and jellies. You can also make a honey-mustard spread for sandwiches in a trice – just blend one-fourth cup of prepared mustard, one tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of mayonnaise, and spread the mixture between bread slices. Alternatively, you can use this product as a great dip to go with breakfast rotis or chapatis. A popular way in some rural ways is to dip freshly made Dosas in a mix of honey & ghee.

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3. As a salad dressing

Salads taste great when married with the right dressing! You can use this product to up your salad dressing game, and turn snack time into a delicious, healthy daily routine. Simply add equal parts honey, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil into a jar; add a sprinkling of your favorite herbs and a pinch of salt to taste. Close the jar tightly with a lid and shake thoroughly, or simply use a spoon to mix the contents well. Add a generous portion of the dressing to your salads, instead of using mayonnaise or other calorie-rich salad dressings.

4. As a power snack

For a quick and nutritious snack, mix your favorite dry fruits, a cup of raw toasted oats, a little warm milk and three tablespoons of honey in a bowl. This muesli-like snack bowl is super-nutritious and packs quite the punch in filling you up; it works perfectly as a light tea-time snack, thus preventing you from binge-eating salty, fried or processed snacks.

5. In your soups

It is an excellent ingredient in soups such as bisques, broths made with carrots, squash, sweet potato of certain fruit, and in soups or curries seasoned with ginger. Just a drizzle of honey works to add more complexity and balance to soups. In case of soups that work on the bitterness angle such as cauliflower or parsnip based soups, honey makes the soup softer on the palate. Spicy soups gain a slightly sweet dimension when honey is added. Moreover, the natural viscosity of honey helps in adding more body and thickness to soups.

It works wonderfully in various food preparations, both as an additive and a key ingredient. Experiment with honey by using recipes for whole-cooked meals with honey. But do note that Ayurveda warns against heating, honey. If you want to keep it simple, go the easy route and add honey as a table ingredient in your daily meals such as beverages and snacks.

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