How to avoid mobile radiation on Your Smartphone?

Mobile radiation is harmful to human life. In today’s life, we can not stay away from technology. Mobile phones become part of our lives and we cannot stay away from our mobile phones but do you know that Mobile radiation is expected to cause many deadly diseases, including mental depression.

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Silent Killer’s Mobile Radiation

Under the Specific Observation Rate, any smartphone, tablet or other smart device’s radiation should not exceed 1.6 watts per kilogram. This rule applies even distance of 1.5 centimeters of the device from the body. If your device crosses this limit of radiation while talking on the phone or in a pocket, then it is dangerous for both your health and your age. According to the Cellular Telecommunication and Internet Association, it is important to provide radial information on all mobile handsets.

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Check Mobile Radiation on the Phone

If the user wants to check the radiation on their mobile phone, then they have to dial * # 07 # from their mobile. After dialing this number, radiation information will be seen on the mobile screen. It shows the radiation levels in two ways. One ‘head’ and the other ‘body’. What is the level of mobile radiation while talking on the phone ie the head, and what is the level of radiation used by the phone ie phone or pocket? Keep in mind that the range of radiation should not be more than 1.6 watt per kilogram.

How to avoid mobile radiations

According to technology experts, the device cannot be completely free from radiation, but it can definitely be saved for some time. They say that never talk about putting the phone on the charge. At present, mobile radiation rises up to 10 times. Do not call when the signal is weak or when the battery is discharged. During this time the radiation level is increased. Use earphones or headphones if needed. This reduces the radiation effect on the body.

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