How To Book A Blue Marlin Charter Fishing Trip

If you are an avid angler that would like to book a charter fishing trip, you should go on one that will lead you to blue marlin. One of the most highly sought-after types of marlin is called the blue marlin, one of the largest fishes in the world. In fact, the blue marlin is the largest of all of the marlin species, with the females tending to be the largest. They can be in excess of 14 feet in length, and they may weigh up to 2000 pounds, which is why anglers are always wanting to catch one. Here are a few tips on how you can book a successful blue marlin charter fishing trip, one that will lead you to some of the largest Atlantic blue marlins that exist today.

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blue marlin charter fishing trip

What Is A Charter Fishing Trip?

A charter fishing trip is simply an offshore fishing trip, which in this case will take you out into the depths of the ocean. They are typically found in the most tropical and temperate regions of the ocean, yet you must choose the perfect time to go because they regularly migrate. That being said, at any time of the year, you should be able to find them in virtually every area of the Atlantic. You will simply increase your odds of catching one if you go where they tend to be at certain times of the year. One of the benefits of going after this particular fish is that, despite being a deep-water fish, they prefer the warmer waters near the surface.

How To Know You Are Looking At A Blue Marlin

If you have never seen a blue marlin before, especially up close, it is a distinctive fish that you will never forget. They are called blue because of the distinctive cobalt blue that can be seen on the top of the fish, and they also have a spear like upper jaw that is often described as a lance.

What Bait Should You Use To Catch A Blue Marlin?

Since marlin like to feed upon both mackerel and tuna, many anglers like to use this as their primary form of bait. However, those that are experts at catching blue marlin will use artificial trolling lures or even baitfish such as Bonito or school dolphin, both of which will certainly attract a marlin’s attention. Once you have hooked onto a marlin, it is important to let them run with the hook for at least a short period of time. After a minute or two, you will then want to reel them in ever so slowly, eventually pulling them up on the deck of your charter fishing vessel.

You can easily find blue marlin charter fishing trips that are going out regularly. You may want to compare different ones to see who is offering the best deal. You will likely find reviews of the different companies, typically posted by individuals that have gone out on these boating excursions and were successful at catching a blue marlin. By doing this research ahead of time, you will weigh the odds in your favour of hooking a blue marlin your first time. This could be one of the most exciting charter fishing trips you ever go on because of the size and unique appearance of the blue marlin.

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