How to improve Battery Life of Your Phone

If you are one of those users who have frequent complaints with low battery, then this news may come in handy. For good battery backup, sometimes you need some tricks, not more robust batteries. By adopting these tricks, the consumption of the battery can be reduced. So put a look at these tricks.

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Turn Off Vibration

You can set the vibration according to your mind by going to the settings of the phone. Such as when typing a user because of the vibration mode onboard typing, the phone vibrates. This vibration consumes your phone’s battery. You can reduce battery consumption by turning it off. If this is not needed, then turn off the phone vibration too.

Search Location

Location Search is a feature that consumes more battery. Often users keep it on. Turn off this feature if you do not need it.

Update Phone

Phone and Apps must be constantly updated. This increases the performance of both the phone and battery.

Data and WiFi

If your mobile phone’s battery is low, then first turn off WiFi and data options. With your WiFi and mobile data on, your mobile is always active. It also keeps searching the signal on different locations, so that the battery of your phone is rapidly decreasing.

Uninstall apps

if you are not using an app then it would be better to uninstall it.

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