How to Make DIY Natural Perfumes and Why You Should

Everyone wants to smell good, and having a unique scent and is an effective way to stand out. If you have a special smell, people will know right away that you’re nearby once they smell your fragrance. Sadly, if you take a look at a blank perfume bottle, you’ll notice the different ingredients used in the perfumes. Many of them are toxic and can cause health complications in the future.

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Scientists have performed various studies to know more the effects of these chemicals to the human body. They have discovered that it’s not only allergic reactions that are triggered with perfumes. Other health problems can also occur, such as chronic headaches, asthma, and other respiratory problems. What’s wore is that if the toxicity inside the body reaches an alarming level, it may potentially lead to thyroid illnesses and cancer.

Fortunately, there’s something you can do about this. You can now make your own perfumes, and it’s quite easy. You just have to pick up a few ingredients from your favorite health store first. So, instead of continually exposing yourself to the hazards of commercial perfumes, create your unique scent that is harmless both to you and to the environment.

Step 1 – The Base

The first step is to choose a neutral base. It’s recommended that you choose alcohol, such as vodka, for liquid consistency. You can also use thin oil, which can be almond or jojoba. The common formula is 1:1. However, choose only one, it’s either the alcohol or the thin oil. Don’t use both.

If you’re aiming for a strong perfume, coconut oil is also an excellent choice. If you’re not into heavy oils, you might want to consider creating body mist, which will involve essential oils and filtered water.

Step 2 – Your Signature Notes

Step two is the fun part. It’s time that you experiment and discover which fragrances you connect with. Be patient and invest some time in the natural products area in your grocery store. Pay attention to the scents that attract you the most and which you feel you have a strong connection with.

There are countless methods to blend the scents you love. A loose formula is helpful to discover the one that’s unique. Choose an essential oil, and play around with different amounts until you come up with the one you love.

Step 3 – The Application

Once you’ve decided on the scent, it’s time to select your application technique. For oil-based fragrances, it’s recommended that you use rollerballs. This method will let you know exactly where you applied your perfume. You can then avoid it from getting into your clothes or any other stuff you’re wearing. For water and alcohol mixtures, a spray blank perfume bottle would be excellent.

If you began with something that’s more solid-based, like coconut oil, a tiny container will be ideal. Solid-base fragrances are convenient to use when you’re traveling as they’re mess-free. An economic way to store your perfume is by using a blank perfume bottle.

Now that you’ve got the basics, it’s time that you start creating your special scent! If you still don’t know where to start, here’s a sample recipe to give you some ideas.

Do-it-yourself Perfume

(This recipe will fill up one tiny rollerball container)


    • 1oz distilled water
    • 1oz jojoba oil
    • 3drops sandalwood oil
    • 3drops orange oil
    • 3drops lemon oil
  • 5drops jasmine oil

Points to remember: You can purchase essential oils online. There are a lot of merchants that offer these oils at reasonable prices. Your challenge is finding a legit and reputable merchant. Also, you can buy essential oils in health stores. Make sure that you only purchase pure oils for assurance that they are perfectly safe.


    • Put all the ingredients in your small bottle.
    • Mix them lightly by tipping your container back and forth.
  • Apply them on your wrists, neck, or behind your ears. Typically, they fade away after two to three hours. Don’t hesitate to reapply as they are safe.

You can now smell nice all throughout the day without harming your body and giving the people around you a headache. Making your own perfume is economical, safe, and very effective!

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