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The Tamil Nadu administration established an IFHRMS Login program. The Tamil Nadu government is an initiative of the Finance Department. The Department of Treasury and Accounts is the principal authority. More about IFHRMS 2021, we will inform you.

IFHRMS Login Program

IFHRMS has been launched for government officials. Tamil Naidu Government IFHRMS stands for the integrated management system of financial and human resources. This program is established for our government employees by the Tamil Nadu Finance Department. Officially we are going to introduce the IFHRMS login page.


What is IFHRMS?

The IFHRMS Portal, ifhrms login home, is open for Tamil Nadu Youth qualified for state government employees and desires to know the time of updates. This website lets the state manage any monetary system for the government, which helps manage state services linked to human resources. So candidates can register via IFHRMS One Time Registration (OTR) and obtain updates on the possibilities for the government.


  1. It would help if you had a laptop, desktop, or smartphone to use the IFHRMS site. It is advised, however, that you access the portal through a desk on your premises.
  2. To navigate the site, you need a steady internet connection.
  3. It would help if you had your IFHRMS user ID and password to log in as an employee.
  4. You need a PPO, IFHRMS user ID, and password to log in as a pensioner.

Payroll registration of IFHRMS.

This money system controls several wage types, different from the current system of management, where payroll operations require time and energy, as it takes 2 to 4 working days for wages and pensions to be recorded and monitored. The employee’s payment is paid every month. The prices take place only one day and are made available in paper-free and easy form by over 9 lakh employees. The Treasury Commissioner and the Accounts Department appreciate this initiative and support 100% to digitize government personnel This project Registration of service.

Employee Login Process

The government of Tamil Nadu has started a one-time registration method for anyone seeking employment in Tamil Nadu. Applicants must use the IFHRMS Portal karuvoolam.tn.gov.in to register. Once the applicants have registered on the IFHRMS site, they will receive a warning of their career prospects. IFHRM is usually a centralized system that operates all Tamilnadu departments. The government connected the center to the IFHRM high-speed communication network.

  1. To start with, visit the IFHRMS Login’s official website.
  2. You will be sent to the official site via this link.
  3. You must then pick the employee type of user.
  4. Enter data such as your password and user ID.
  5. Click on the button “Sign In.”
  6. It would help if you now took additional measures.
  7. You will be logged in when you have clicked on “Sign In.”

 Pensioner Login Process

  1. First of all, visit the IFHRMS official website.
  2. You will be sent to the official site via this link.
  3. The user type Pensioners must then be selected.
  4. Enter data such as your password and user ID.
  5. Click on the button “Sign In.”

Payslip Download Process

This site also helps record your workers and recoveries or helps keep your server or any other monetary records about your employees in your server. This website administers the Tamil Nadu Pension Department, the Annual government official payment receipt, and all Tamil Nadu loans and service records. In this area, we will give you all the information on the Pay Slip PDF site for IFHRMS.

  • Please visit IFHRMS official website www.karuvoolam.tn.gov.in.
  • You will then enter and sign in your ID and password.
  • Two options for human resources and finance are available on the front page.
  • Click on the finance option if you want your salary bills.
  • You need to provide data such as postcode, account code, etc., after choosing this option.
  • Click the check option to verify and click the submit button.
  • After you choose the payroll domain option and find the number for your employment.
  • Click on the bill addition or edit option now.
  • Then you will receive your Registered Mobile Number confirmation message.
  • And you will be able to view the IFHRMS payslip when you input the code you received on your cell phone.

Reset IFHRMS Login Process

You will have to follow the Guidelines below if you forget your password.

  1. Visit the official website first of all
  2. Click on the “Forget password” button on the homepage
  3. You can select the forgotten user ID or password.
  4. Once these details have been input, click the “Check” button.
  5. Click on the check box to get your ifhrms login password.

Important Departments of IFHRMS

  • Treasuries and Accounts Department
  • Co-Operative Audit Department
  • Internal Audit and Statutory Boards Audit Department
  • Government Data Center
  • Directorate of Pension
  • Local Fund Audit Department
  • Small Savings Department

IFHRMS login Payment Management

Integrated financial and human resources management, by the administration, is one of a kind project throughout our country and thus must praise the Tamil Nadu Government. Basically, in a total of 153 crore rupees, the target department supplies you with 245,575 state government employees, and pension amounts to approximately 22 crore rupees for around 12,000 pension preservers. This integrated human resources management portal ensures that all financial and tertiary related financial information on state expenses and money produced from employment and other monetary resources are provided in real-time.

Issues of standard IFHRMS login & problem solving

  1. Browser incompatibility would be one of the biggest problems with logging in. Always ensure you use browsers like Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome to access the IFHRMS portal.
  2. Make sure you give the proper user identification and password.
  3. If the problem persists, remove your browser’s cookies/cache. Usually, this eliminates all the data stored from your prior visits.
  4. If all else fails, you might try using a private version of your browser to access and log in.

 IFHRMS Helpline

Detailed information on the IFHRMS registration process and how to solve login problems is provided in this article. You can, however, phone the IFHRMS Helpdesk at 044 40172172 if you want more assistance. If you have any concerns, complaints, or clarifications, you may also send an email to supportdesk@karuvoolam.tn.gov.in.

Bottom Line

The government-supported IFHRMS Login Portal greatly influences the monitoring and usage of staff and financial operations. This IFHRMS portal from Karuvoolam is one click away, which makes service easier for state government employees. You indeed can access all services wherever you go, establishing a digital convergence of financial services and human resources.

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