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Just because there are a million users who create new account on Instagram, it is not reason enough to do so on your own account also. It is better to learn what Instagram is all about and its utility before deciding to create an account in Instagram.

What is Instagram?

Simply put, Instagram is an App that runs on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Initially, that is what it had developed for, but given its viral popularity, the app has crossed all genres of mobile devices. Today it stands as one distinct app that provides a social network environment across the different devices. Its uniqueness is defined by the way users interact with each other and that is through photos that users take using their mobile device and then shares via the app. Its ease of use and very interesting method of sharing gives it a high popularity rating. The pictures taken can be edited by adding filters, effects before uploading.  Another point of interest is that users can integrate the data taken by Instagram app with other apps that they have. This is the role of a developer in the App.

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instagram sign up

Creating an Instagram account

  • The first step for installing Instagram on the mobile device is naturally to download the App. The best place for such a download is the App Store. The App store would vary depending on the mobile device being used. For the iPhone or iPad, it would be the App Store. For Android based devices the place would be Google Play and the Windows Phone store for windows based mobiles.
  • On completing the download of the app to the mobile device, selecting the “Open” button would lead to the actual creation process of the account. This is the page for creating a new account for Instagram.
  • The registration process that Instagram shows up at this point has two options. Users may opt to register their Instagram using their FaceBook account or users could also opt to register with their email id.
  • For users registering their Instagram with an email id, there is a need to ensure correct email id details being entered. On completion of email detail feeding, a mail would be sent to the mentioned email address. This email would contain all details for login to the Instagram app. Of course, there would need to fill in a unique user id and then a password. The password creation rules remain same as in case of any other app.
  • Another point to note and pay careful attention to is the phone number detail being entered in Instagram. Feeding the phone number is mandatory for the Instagram registration process. An SMS is sent to the user at the entered phone number for the verification process and completing the registration process. While feeding the phone number country code entry is essential.
  • The next part of the registration process is all about personal details of the user that would help other Instagram users find the person. A description of self, any blogs that the person maintains and the likes are types of information that is required to be entered here. As mentioned earlier, all this registration process is completed by the email being sent to the mentioned email id column.

At the end of this process, the user becomes part of the ever growing family of Instagram users.

The thrill of photo taking using Instagram

The steps to be taken for using Instagram for photo taking are enumerated below:-

  • At the center of the Instagram app lies a button labeled “Camera /Share”.
  • User can select whether to use the mobile flash always or not. The bolt icon on the screen is for this selection.
  • User can also switch between front and back camera. The rotate icon on the screen is for this.
  • There are effects like tilt shift, linear or radial if required for taking the photo.
  • The image taken can easily be applied to some effect by selecting the same on screen.
  • The shutter button is easily recognizable on screen. Tap to take the photo.
  • User can also use a photo taken and stored in library to apply effects before sharing the same.

Steps to alter an image

  • The Arrow icon is to be tapped for rotating the picture.
  • The sun icon is for lux effect. Je Lux effect is quite an automatic magical effect on the photo taken. Makes it more vibrant. The details of the picture taken are further enhanced by this feature which recognizes the pixels in the photograph.

Connecting Instagram to Social networks the user is associated with

  • On the Profile Tab, there is an “Edit Sharing settings” option. This is where users can do the task of connecting social network sites t Instagram.
  • Any third party app that is available on the same device can be logged into using this User interface. Tapping on the third party service would enable the user to edit the connection to that service. There is a green color box with the label “unlink” next to it. Checking this box would remove the connection with a particular third party app that was linked to Instagram.
  • Taking a photo using Instagram now gives the easy option to the user to select whether the photo is to be shared with the other linked social network apps that have been linked via Instagram on this device.
  • Keep a check that the green signal on screen is there for it indicates the third party apps are connected with as of now.


As evident, Instagram not only makes photo sharing an interesting activity, even taking the photo is an all-new experience. Novice photographers would get the sense of a high profile photographer in action after they have experimented with all the add-on features that Instagram has on picture alteration. It is not easy to create an Instagram account but not easy to get real followers on Your profile. However, you can now get real Instagram followers with all organic processes. Naturally, sharing these completed projects online with the easy process given by Instagram adds to the feeling of high spirit for the user.

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