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The mystery, the mayhem, the joys, the tears of a great telenovela.

Jane Gloriana Villanueva was just your ordinary little girl who had big dreams. She planned on going to college, get her degree in literature, falls in love, be a successful author and wife. She listened to her grandma when she told her in Spanish when she was still a little girl’ that if her flower gets crushed by any boy or man, she could never put it back together’. So, Jane as the good little Catholic girl she was decides to be a virgin till she falls in love and gets married.

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Well, the world had other plans for her. While waiting for a routine pap smear in the hospital, Jane is mistakenly artificially inseminated by a doctor, who was going through a heartbreak from her girlfriend, who also happens to be her stepmom, crazy right? This life-changing event is the catalyst which sets in motion a series of events that impacts Jane’s life and those of the people around her like her Mother, Xo( who had Jane in her teens, now going to be a grandma in her late 30’s while still looking for love and get a life in order), her Abuela who is her grandma, Alba(who has always been the voice of reason for Jane  and her mother since they both live with her), Jane’s father who she recently reconnects with and he also happens to be a big telenovela star in Mexico amongst other characters such as Rafael Solano( who’s sperm was used to artificially inseminate Jane by mistake, by his step sister who happens to be the heartbroken doctor in love with her stepmom, while he was engaged to his fiancée Petra). Petra (Rafael Solano’s fiancée who also happens to be a gold digger with a past she is determined to hide at all cost). Michael (the man whom Jane falls in love with, and whom she sees as the love of her life who also happens to be a detective on the hunt and trail of the notorious crime lord called ‘Sin Rostro). Sin Rostro (mysterious crime lord who specializes in all things crime from murder, to robbery, to kidnappings and blackmail).

 We get to watch the lives, events, suspense that trails these characters from the first season which premiered on 13th of October, 2014 as a romantic dramedy and also a satirical telenovela and the tv show is presently in its fifth season (season 5).

Jane the Virgin season 5 aired on the 27th of March 2019. Can you remember where season 4 left us? Yes, with the return from the dead Michael. He was killed i.e. shot in the heart by Sin Rostro, who was disguised as his female partner and fellow detective. She shoots and at the time, kills Michael while he is on his honeymoon with Jane whom he just marries, on their wedding night. Cray cray right?

The new season starts which happens to be Jane the Virgin Season 5 begins with episode 1 which sees Jane and Rafael in not so good terms and Petra past working against her in her relationship with the new man in her life, JR.

Episode 2 continues with more issues coming up for Jane and her search for answers mostly from her wise grandma, Alba. It also shows Luisa (the heartbroken female gynecologist who also happens to be Rafael’s older step sister and who is still in love with her former stepmom Rose also known as Sin Rostro) try to come to terms with her feelings for Rose in addition to Jane’s father, Rogelio and his career struggles.

Episode 3 focuses on Jane and how she intends to overcome the hurdles she faces plus her relationship with Rafael.

Episode 4 shows the characters Jane, Petra, Xo (who is Jane’s mother), Alba (Jane’s grandma) try to navigate and understand life, while Xo who is taking chemo treatment for cancer is relieved it is her last treatment.

Episode 5. Jane is the big’30’. Her father decides to throw her a huge 30th birthday party even if it isn’t what she wants. While she struggles with going back to her writing career with the help of her mentor. Petra, on the other hand, seems to find her groove with her new man, JR.

Episode 6. Jane helps Michael find clues about the day’ he died’ while she is struggling with been apart from Rafael who also happens to be hiding a big secret that we don’t know what is about.

Episode 7 aired on the 8th of May while episode 8 will be aired on the 15thof May, both in 2019.

The success of the series cannot be denied. Although, when it started there where mixed reception because the series was based on a Mexican telenovela. After the first episode though, it was clear that fans were in for an interesting, gripping ride with the various characters. The series has been on the air with CW from 2014 and has 88 episodes under its belt. The series has received accolades from the People’s Choice awards, Golden Globe Awards, Critic’s Choice Awards, the Image Awards, the American Film Institute, and the George Foster Peabody Awards. The series was nominated for some of these awards and it won some, while its major actress Gina Rodriguez who plays the role of Jane and also Andrea Novedo who plays Jane’s mother, won some of these awards.

With wide critical acclaim from fans and viewers, the series has been a huge success. The fifth season happens to be the final season of Jane the Virgin where fans hope to see the resolution of some issue and also love interests. There were some rumors about a possible spin off of the book written by Jane in the series but that has been squashed by the network said there will be no spinoff. The final season looks to be very interesting and we can’t wait to see the eight episodes.

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