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Kristen Nun Age, Height, bodybuilder, Wiki and Lesser Known Facts

Kristen Nun is a bodybuilder and influencer in fitness. She was born on 4 May 1985, United States. She has more than 215,000 Instagram followers before the day.

Who is Kristen Nun?

Kristen Nun is a well-known fitness and bodybuilder. She is from Kansas, USA. In sports like soccer, she is very involved. Before she came to bodybuilding, she used to play soccer. On her Instagram handler, she still updated her fitness and bodybuilding. She runs a bodybuilding and fitness coach online. She developed a Supermarket for supplements.

There are a large number of fans on her Instagram Page. In several interviews, Instagram, and other social media sites, she tells us about her meal schedule and fitness routine. Kristen has mostly been doing her exercise with Robert James Martin. She was born and raised in Kansas, United States. Bradley Martyn and Martyn Ford influenced her. She works six days a week at the fitness center.

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Kristen Nun Age, Kristen Nun Height, bodybuilder, wiki and lesser known facts

Real Name Kristen Nun
Date of Birth 4th May 1985
Nationality American
Profession Fitness Influencer, Bodybuilder
Education Qualification BS Degree
Sun Sign Gemini
Birth Place Kansas City, United States
Hometown Kansas City, United States
Age 35 Years
Height 5’2” Inches
Weight 136 – 145 lbs
Arm 38 Inches
Biceps 26 Inches
Famous for Fitness, Bodybuilding
Famous on Tiktok, Instagram
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Marital Status Married
Husband Name Robert James Martin
Favourite Food Pizza
Diet Food Salmon, Sweet Potato, Broccoli
Sport Soccer
Destination New York
Social Media Instagram – @ kristen_nun

Kristen Nun

Kristen Nun is a famous Las Vegas Tik Tok designer. Because of his entertaining video content in bodybuilding, Tiktok has achieved immense notoriety. Kristen Nun has nearly 270k followers and 1.5 million hearts in Tiktok. When Tiktok began to get fame, she frequently shared updates. Her name is like @kristen nun for the Tiktok guy. Kristen Nun is still very common with over 158k followers on Instagram. Her username in Instagram is @kristen nun.

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Kristen Nun Career

Kristen nun, in her prime, was a professional footballer and road athlete. This sport helped Kristen to develop an outstanding discipline and work ethic. Something that took her to win in career and tournament in CrossFit and she claims it started when her daughter Kylee was born in 2011, learning about CrossFit. Kristen Nun claims she cannot take the “baby weight” she acquired when pregnant off her mind after giving birth. This extra fat bothered Kristen because she was already slim and toned before her birth.

As a consequence, she wanted to go back into the exercise world as a CrossFit, in particular. Kristen then began practising at a CrossFit fitness centre, which took her some time to adjust to the new workouts. But as soon as Kristen heard more about CrossFit, she started to understand that the exercise was something more than eating calories. With her newly discovered love, she was ‘obsessed.’

Kristen Diet:

Kristen’s meal prep would never avoid any food type. She eats mostly a modest and healthy diet and all the macros such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Her vitamin, mineral, and fiber are all provided for. And yeah, she likes her meals and loves veggies. She takes a short meal including burgers and pizzas with excitement.


Where appropriate, she normally takes a few additives and steroids. Kristen practices her diet daily very closely and regularly to achieve her goal. We all recognise that fitness is crucial in bodybuilding, but diets and food also take on a critical role in how the body looks. They enjoy fishing and they often take protein from fish and vegetables.

Physical Appearance:

Kristen Nun Workouts:

1. Weight Lifting:

They ensure that it still sticks to it and raises as much weight as it can and tells us to lift as much weight as we can, making us better than any other workout. She gains weight in barbell bench presses and even uses significant quantities of members and kits.

2. Leg and Glute Workout:

Using a leg extension unit, you do this in various styles to disrupt the leg and glute muscles. If we want to make our form sexy, we must change the appearance by making our leg and glute muscles. She used to be hydrated with water and drink plenty of water while she trained her leg.

3. T-Bar:

She is still imaginative, does various athletic events, and strengthens her body.

See some of her T-Bar drills on her Instagram.

4. Squats

Kristen enjoys squat fitness, and she’ll still write about her workout routine on her Instagram profile. Squatting with the hand and cable squat, often makes the chest and arms stronger and flexible. When it comes to squatting with the high member and pair.

Unknown Facts about Kristen Nun:

Final Words

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