Smart trees

Smart tree planted in Dubai – Sit below & Connect to the World

This thing is no longer hidden from anyone that the world of solar energy is growing in the sector. Palm trees run by this same solar energy have also been installed in... Read more »
Garbage City

You will not believe This is Garbage City

Do you know that the least garbage in the world is found in Sweden, but Egypt’s ward, the Manshiyat Naser, is called ‘Garzeb City’, or ‘City of Trash’. In Garbage City you... Read more »

Are You Compromising with Your Health by Using Public Toilets

Thousands of people sit on public restrooms and bring many diseases with them, if not used carefully, it can cause infections, in any office or in a hospital and in any place... Read more »
dangers of Internet

Learn How VPN prevents the dangers of Internet

Free Wi-fi services are provided in the offices, parks, restaurants, and hotels, but are you sure that the service provider does not misuse your internet browsing history? Let’s talk about the public... Read more »
how to get good sleep

Do These 8 things For Getting a Good Sleep

A big problem has emerged in the 24×7 lifestyle. After getting sleepy or sleeping too late on the bed after sleeping with heavy difficulty. This is such a problem, that every person... Read more »