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Learn online carrom rules and tricks to help you win in every game

Are you guys missing those days when every one of your friends and family is sitting around the physical traditional carrom board and playing for hours? Thinking of getting back to those days, then no worries because now you can play it online. Also,  it is very easy to learn carrom and play it online. Get the same feeling and keep enjoying playing with your loved ones.

Rules for beginners

You have to keep some rules in your mind. There are different rules in carrom, such as:

Don’t make fouls

Making fouls in online carrom games will make you lose your games. It is important to give more chances to your opponent to win the game so that you will lose your confidence also. Make sure not to make fouls like pocketing coins of your opponent, pocketing striker into the pot, etc.

Practice is the key

You need to be well-practiced to win this game. You can improve your techniques, performance, and strategies to learn carrom and practice a lot. Practice improves the striking eye, which is essential to win the game.

Why game tricks to play and win?

To learn carrom in a better way, use some tricks to play in a simple, easy, and professional way. If you want to know the online carrom game tricks, you have to play multiple times so that you will get a clear-cut idea and experience like how to play in which directions you have to hit the coin to gain points and to win game.

With practice, you can find out your tricks. Let’s have a look at them-

The best 12 carrom tricks to learn and practice-

The listed below are the 12 best carrom trick shots, which are very useful to play the online carrom game on Getmega. The way you drag the striker and shoot the coin is very important. You can easily do this by following these tricks and learn carrom to win every game.

There is a chance of making fouls with this trick when you hit the striker hard.

In this trick, you will flick your striker and hit a shot so that the coun go in the opposite direction. You can block your opponent by pocketing a coin with this trick.

You can pocket two coins at a time by using this super trick. It’s such an effective trick to pocket 2 coins with a single shot.

By using this style, you can pot count in between the edge of the border and baseline. In this shot, the thumb needs to touch the finger to make a good shot.

In the back shot, you will hit your striker towards the opposite side so it bounces back and hit the nearest coin to your pocket.

In this trick, you will hit the coins with your striker in such a way so that two coins are potted in 2 pockets. There are two ways to use this double shot trick: one is direct and the other is a rebound. It is quite an interesting trick to learn carrom.

In the third pocket trick, you will drag your striker and hit the conn on any of your sides so that the coin will touch that side edge of the border and fall into the opposite side.

This frame shot is also mostly in the same way as the third pocket with few changes.

In this shot, you will hit two coins at the same time by flicking your striker in such a way that those two coins are adjacent to each other.

To play board shot tricks, you have to be a pro in the carrom game. In this shot, you will hit the striker. It touches all three different sides and hits one coin directly into the pocket.

With this trick, you will hit one coin which is easy to the pot, and another one that is away from the pot. When you hit the first coin which is closer to the pot, it goes into a pocket.

With this trick, you will block the chances of your opponent’s coins getting into pockets. With the alley loop method, you play a double game but it’s safe to play in this manner until your opponent notices your strategy after that they will also try to block your coins.


We have discussed the rules and tricks along with the best method to learn carrom. It can be concluded that with the knowledge of rules and practice of the tricks, you can win the game easily. You can also win exciting rewards and cash-backs by learning carrom and playing online carrom games on Getmega. Start playing online carrom games today within your comfort zone and with your loved ones. Have fun!!

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