4 Common Misconceptions Regarding Mid Strength Beer in Australia

Australia is considered as the smallest island continent on Earth, and one of the largest countries. It is geographically situated between the South Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean and is located in the Southern Hemisphere. Australia has a total land area of approximately 7.69 million square kilometres and a population of about 25 million inhabitants.

Australia has been a leader in economic freedom because of its highly-developed economy. GDP has recorded steady gains for several years because of its business sectors, such as agriculture, finance, tourism, and manufacturing.

One of the great contributors to the manufacturing industry is beer production, where mid strength beer australia is mostly produced. Despite the significance of mid strength beer, there are some common misconceptions regarding it. Here are four examples of those common misconceptions.

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Mid Strength Beer Consumption and Production Does Not Help The Economy Significantly

A common misconception among Australians is that mid strength beer production—and its consumption—does not help the country significantly. This is not the case. According to a report by Statista, beer manufacturing and production has provided a revenue of $4.6 billion for the country and currently employs an estimated 2.46 million Australians.

Beer production and consumption have a significant contribution to the economy because it produces billions in revenue and provides millions of jobs for Australians. This means consuming mid strength beer australia shows vigorous support for the country.

Mid Strength Beer Is Not Popular

Another misconception regarding mid strength beer is about its popularity; some people think that it is unpopular. This is not true, as data shows otherwise. According to reports, Australians consumed a whopping 18.75 litres of mid strength beer per capita.

Other reports have also shown that more than 12% of Australian adults prefer drinking beer over other alcoholic beverages, such as whiskey, gin, and wine. According to surveys, a significant number of Australian adults say that they prefer mid strength beer.

Mid Strength Beer Does Not Taste Good

Some people have a misconception that mid strength beer does not taste good, which is why they hesitate in buying it and giving it a try. This is not true, as mid strength beer is one of the most loved categories of beer in Australia, and for good reasons.

Mid strength beer does not leave an aftertaste when drinking it, despite offering a full-flavoured beer taste. Most Australians prefer this beer because of the crisp and clean flavour that it produces.

Mid strength beer consumption has remained high among Australian adults for several years. Both men and women have an alcohol consumption of more than 70%, which is more than half of Australia’s adult population. And the preferred beer of most adults is no other than mid strength beer.

 You Can’t Drink Mid Strength Beer If You Are Planning to Drive After

Driving under the influence of alcohol is considered an offence in Australia, according to an article by the Western Australia Police Force. However, it is only an offence if your drive while your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) level is 0.05 and above. This means that as long as your BAC level is below 0.05, you will be able to drive.

Mid strength beer has a 3.5% Alcohol By Volume (ABV), which means it has much lower alcohol content compared to full strength beer. If you only drink two mid strength beers in an hour, your BAC levels won’t rise above 0.05, and you will be able to drive properly.


Mid strength beer is one of the best alcoholic beverages in Australia. Don’t let these common misconceptions mentioned above hinder you from giving it a try. Check out a reliable seller of mid strength beer today, and experience its flavourful and rich taste!


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