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7 Important Minerals for Healthy Living & Foods which contain these Minerals

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For healthy living and good health, minerals are very important for our body and so as mineralized food. You could face many health related problems due to low mineral foods. Minerals like zinc, protein, iron, folic acid help you to keep healthy and improve your immunity to fight against many diseases. In this article, we will tell type of minerals are required for healthy living and daily activities. Below is the list of some such minerals that keep the body running smoothly and keep you healthy.

7 Important Minerals for a healthy body

1. Sodium

For the body to have neural transmission, fluid balance, and muscle strength, it is very important to have the necessary amount of sodium in the body. For this, add items like almonds, salt and green vegetables in the diet.

2. Calcium

To strengthen the immune system and bones, it is very important to have the right amount of calcium in the body. For this eat fish, milk, and cheese in the food.

3. Phosphorus

The proper amount of phosphorus in the body strengthens bones and teeth. Poultry products, meat, and milk intake fulfill phosphorus deficiency in the body.

4. Magnesium

Consume nuts, green vegetables, seafood, dark chocolate, and hard drink to strengthen the immune and nervous system. By completing the magnesium deficiency in the body, they strengthen the immune system and nervous system.

5. Iron

Iron deficiency in the body can cause problems like fatigue, lethargy, weakness, shortness of breath and hair loss. Include dry fruits, seafood, vegetables and rajma and guava in the food to meet its shortage.

6. Iodine

For physical development, it is important to have adequate amounts of iodine in the body. Due to its deficiency, you may have serious diseases such as Goiter or enlarged throat. You can complete iodine deficiency with things made from seafood,, salt and milk.

7. Zinc

During pregnancy, the body needs zinc for the developing fetus. Consumption of vegetables, grains, poultry products etc. caters to the lack of zinc in the body.

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