Mumbai Come across Top 12 Richest Cities in the World

According to a report by New World Health, India’s economic hub Mumbai has become the 12th richest city in the world with a value of 950 billion dollars. Now, Mumbai is among top 12 richest cities in the World. In the top 15 list, the American city is at number one position with New York 3 trillion dollars. At the same time, Toronto, Frankfurt, and Paris are ranked 13th, 14th and 15th after Mumbai.

Private Wealth figures of people living in cities around the world were also included in this.

– The property, cash, equities and business interest are included in their assets. However, the government fund has been excluded from it.

Billionaire populations are also ahead in Mumbai …

If you talk about Mumbai, most of the billionaires (billionaire) in India still live here. According to reports, there are 28 billionaires in Mumbai whose assets are much higher than $ 1 billion.

Besides, there is also Bombay Stock Exchange in Mumbai, which is the world’s 12th largest exchange.
Along with this, Major Industries, Financial Services, Real Estate and Media Industry are also quite big.

Talk about top 15 cities, then the cities which did not find place in this list include big cities like Houston, Geneva, Osaka, Seoul, Shenzhen, Melbourne, Zurich and Dallas.

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List of Top 10 richest cities in the World

  1. New York
  2. London
  3. Tokyo
  4. San Francisco
  5. Beijing
  6. Shanghai
  7. Las Angeles
  8. Hong Kong
  9. Sydney
  10. Chicago

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