Do not Save Passwords on your Web Browser

Generally, Internet users keep passwords in web browsers so that they are easy to log in. Usernames, passwords, addresses and other information that are needed to log in to a website, save it in the browser.  But Do not Save Passwords on your Web Browser, the reason behind this is, it can prove dangerous. Security researchers have found a bug that is 11 years old in the browser’s built password manager. Through this, someone can steal passwords and other information saved in your browser.

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Seriously, Do not Save Passwords on Browser

The seriousness of the matter is that hackers can steal the password of your interaction without any dangerous intentions.

Passwords which can be stolen from a web browser

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser used on desktop and saved passwords can also be stolen from it. In addition to Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera browser can also be affected due to this flaw. Reports have claimed that Microsoft’s Edge Browser is not safe from this bug found in Password Manager.

Significantly, all these web browsers have an inbuilt password manager where the URL of the website, user name, and password are saved. However, for this, you ask for permission from the browser. To access it later you have to enter the password for the Gmail password or log in that browser.

Who is stealing passwords saved in the browser?

Some researchers from the Princeton Center for Information Technology Policy have found that two marketing companies called to break into the inbuilt password given in the browser.

Researchers have found that through these third party tracking scripts, these websites inject the logged-in form that is not visible on the webpage’s background. From this, browser-based Inbuilt Password Manager steals user’s information such as username and password.

How to Rescue?

The simple thing is, if you do not save your username password in any web browser, it will be difficult for any advertising company to steal it. Not only this, there is more damage to the password saved in the browser, if you have opened the browser somewhere then someone can take advantage of it wrong. So be cautious and avoid password saving in any web browser as long as possible.

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