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7 Places in India Where You are Not Allowed to Go

places not to go in india

There are many such places in the country and abroad where the ban is located. At the same place, you can not enter the government without permissions. Today we are going to tell you about such places of India, where there is a ban. People are afraid of going to these places, but if you are traveling in these cities then you are away from these places. So let us know about the countries of India where there is no permission to go without permission.

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1. Bangalore, UNO In Hotel

This hotel built in 2012 prohibits the entry of Indian people. This hotel has been opened to Japanese people only and it is permissible for them to go here.

2. Rajasthan, Bhangarh Fort


Although in this fort you can roam during the day, after four o’clock in the evening it is strictly forbidden to stop people here. Actually, the people are not allowed to enter this fort by assuming this fort as a ghost. A cautionary government is also seen outside the fort.

3. North Sentinel Island

There is no permission to visit people on this beautiful island located near Lakshadweep Island. Here there is a species of humans that does not contact and cooperate with others. If someone tries to go to their area, then they kill him.

5. Chambal Valley

A lot of people used to visit this valley full of natural beauty and beautiful scenes, but today nobody comes here from fear of dacoits. The government has also banned people from coming here.

6. Aksai Chin

This place is considered not only for Indians but also for the people of China. Actually, Aksai Chin is a line to separate India and China. So nobody is allowed to go here.

7. Nicobar Island

Although this place is not dangerous in any way, due to its beautiful UNESCO has declared it a biosphere reserve. Although in some of these areas you can take permissions it is totally forbidden to go to Tribal belt.

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