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Three Ways to Recover Deleted Files from Recycle Bin


A recycle bin is very helpful when it comes down to recovering accidentally deleted data. A recycle bin software is always active in the system and stores all the deleted files and folders. It stores the deleted data for almost 30 days.

Hence, during this period, if you feel the need for deleted data, you can easily recover it. But people tend to delete recycling bins to free up some space to store new data. So, are there any methods to restore data from a recycle bin?

Fortunately, there is. And not one or two; we have three methods to solve your data recovery problem. Yes, we have solutions apart from using only data recovery software.

Recover Deleted Data After Recycle Bin Is Emptied

When you accidentally delete a file, they are not lost permanently. They are simply lost in the data storage devices. If you can take immediate action, data can be recovered efficiently.

Here are three reliable data recovery methods.

Method 1: Data Recovery Software

You can recover deleted data from the recycle bin when you have not deleted data from the recycle bin. However, if you have deleted the data from the recycle bin, there is no way you can recover the data.

Now, the only way you can recover data is by using the software. Data recovery software follows a complex algorithm to find the deleted data from your system storage.

The following step is after you have downloaded and installed data recovery software in your system.

Method 2: File History Back Up

Windows file history is the default software that helps the users backup system data. If you have backed up your data, you can use File History Backup to get back all your lost data.

Follow the steps in case you have any backups.

Note: You must back up to ensure your data is safe and secure from any uncertain events.

Method 3: Recover from Previous Version

When you delete a file, it is automatically stored in the recycle bin. However, there have been cases where the recycling bin could not recycle it properly, and the data is lost forever. Well, if such a scenario occurs, the best way to restore all your data from the previous version of the file.

Note: This method never guarantees that you can get back your data from the previous version. But still, we wanted to highlight this method to ensure you know all the possible methods.

Follow the steps to restore data from backup.


This piece of information outlines three methods that can be used to achieve data recovery after you have emptied the recycle bin. The first methods talk about data recovery software, a tool that offers a complex algorithm for recovery.

The second method is file history backup. This method is only feasible only when you regularly backup your data. And the last method is restoring data from the previous version.

Well, that’s it for this article. Do let us know if you have any suggestions that we can add to the list.

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