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3 Steps To Make Wills Online UK

The whole world is adapting to the changing technical environment. From ordering groceries to getting tickets, there are several websites and apps available to ease out things. You do not physically need to visit a store. You can get tickets from your couch! When so much change has happened, why should the legal field remain untouched?

From January 2020, you can make a legal will online in England and Wales. So, if you live in these areas and plan to make wills online UK, the whole process is now simpler. No more visits to a lawyer or the court.

Why Making A Will Is Important?

A will is not just a legal document; it eases out a lot of things for your family. You save them from lots of legal hustle by drafting a clear and proper will. Here are 3 reasons why making a will is important:

Here are 3 steps to make a will online UK:

1. Use a will-making website: The internet is full of will-making websites that offer good legal advice. All you need to do is fill-up the form. Complete their detailed questionnaire. Most websites ask straight-forward questions about your details like if you are married and have children, guardians, specific gifts, residuary, executors, and funeral.

You also need to fill in details about your personal properties. Answer questions regarding any pending loans and mortgages. State clearly if you have properties overseas because that exceeds the judicial area of the online will.

2. Review and pay the fee: Once you have answered all the questions honestly, review your application. If you find any discrepancy, you can edit the will. Once your will is by your requirement, make the payment. Most online will-making websites charge a fee for getting your will checked by a solicitor.

When you make the payment, you allow the website to forward your will for further cross-checking. If you are dissatisfied, you can drop the idea. No need to make any payment.

3. Get the will cross-checked and mailed to you: Once you make the payment, the website forwards it to a licensed and approved UK solicitor for cross-checking. A highly qualified professional goes through all the answers and gets the document ready in compliance with the court.

Once, he/she finishes it, you get a fully legal will mailed to your email id or home address.

Final Words

Leaving a well-drafted will makes things easier for your family to sort out after your death. Moreover, even you save on inheritance tax. You must keep updating it every 5 years. Most of the time, the marital status or the personal stance changes, and you will should be following that.

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