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Teak Wood Patio Furniture

Whether you are decorating your daughter’s bedroom for the first time or redoing a girl’s bedroom as she matures, try to make the task enjoyable and collaborative. If your daughter is old enough for her own decision making, you can turn the decorating job into a bonding opportunity as you choose furniture, colors, and fabric designs together. Be careful about giving her too much freedom to choose, however, and be prepared to say “no” if items are over your budget or if they are a style that you simply can’t stomach.

An enjoyable way to start off the process of redoing a girl’s bedroom is by painting the room together. This may sound like a laborious task, but with some large rollers and sponges, you can turn a plain white room into a beautiful bedroom. Even a very young child will have color choice opinions and will relish the chance to have control over this decision. For added effect, beyond plain paint, you might try doing a sponging pattern around the border, try adding some stripes, or try creating a two-tone effect with a darker color on the bottom half of the room and a lighter color on top.

Graduate Senior Crew Loft Bed

Another, easier, idea for redoing a girl’s room involves furniture choices. A few key furniture pieces can completely transform any bedroom. Many girls dream of owning a canopy bed. This piece alone can turn an ordinary room into a magical, feminine palace where she will feel like a princess. If you need space for more than one child to sleep, or your daughter loves having overnight company, consider purchasing a bunk bed. Similarly, a loft bed allows your daughter room for her bed, her desk, and extra personal space without creating a cramped feeling.

Beautiful Cotton Rugs

Beautiful Cotton Rugs Bedding and accessories are two more suggestions for redoing a girl’s bedroom without incurring large expenses. There are thousands of bedding options today that range from adorable to sophisticated. For younger girls, you can find cartoon character bed sheets and for older girls, there are patterned sheets in a myriad of color options. In addition, look for a floor rug that compliments your color choices and adds a cozy feel to the room. This is a particularly practical option if the bedroom has hardwood floors or tiling.

One final idea for redoing a girl’s bedroom is an option that few consider – lights. Light fixtures make an impact on the décor of a room and change the look and feel drastically. A table lamp can create a cozy, studious feel or add a modern twist while a halogen lamp adds sophistication and great illumination. A ceiling fan is a vital addition to keep her cool during the summer while saving on your air conditioning costs. In addition, ceiling fans help with allergies as they circulate the air and to disperse allergens.

Whatever your budget and time constraints may be, there are easy and practical ways to transform a girl’s bedroom. Keep in mind, as you make your plans, that this is her room. She is the one who will need to sleep here each night and wake up to the choices in the morning. By including her in the decision-making process as much as possible, you will create a nice bonding experience and a lovely space that she can truly call her own.

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