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Trending hairstyles that are to die for

Everyone has those days where they might be feeling a bit creative or might just fancy that they need a bit of a change when they look in the mirror. A great way to do this simply without making too much of a rash decision (such as cutting a fringe or buying a box of dye) is to try a new hairstyle.

Air-dried ease

Trying out lots of different hairstyles might be something that we only really thought about when we were in school and much younger, but hair and makeup changes are good at any age and for anyone. It is never a bad idea to shake things up a bit and try something new.

A style that has been trending so much at the moment is possibly not a style at all. It refers to someone just washing their hair and then gently towel drying it with a t-shirt or pillowcase – essentially just nothing rough that can cause damage to your hair.

You must only brush your hair when it is wet and has conditioner on it and then let your hair air dry naturally. The desired outcome of this look is to achieve some great natural heatless curls.

Slick High Pony

The slicked back high ponytail hairstyle has been back for a while now, but is still definitely one of our favourites. We love how this hairstyle classes up any outfit for any occasion.

It is easy to fall into the pattern of having your hair down constantly but do not hide your face behind all the hair and try this style to shake things up a bit.

Soft waves

Soft waves are a great way to get that natural look. All you need is a curling wand to create a few soft bends. This can be done on low-heat which, of course, has the bonus of doing minimal damage to your hair.

Our recommendation is to let your hair air dry after being washed and then to hold your wand vertical and wrap your hair around it, doing this for about twenty seconds should be the perfect amount of time to achieve this look.

Fishtail plait

A fishtail plat can look a little intimidating but is a great way of keeping your hair out of your face neatly, or you can pull the braid wider for a more messy bed head look. The way you achieve a fishtail plait is this:

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