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Why social media is ideal for your business

If your brand is not on social media, you are missing out on the biggest marketing tool available. Over 4 billion users will access the internet throughout the month, with up to 3.6 billion active on their social media pages. Users are more likely to know about your brand through social media than by walking down the street, which makes it necessary to exploit the platform.

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What does social media have to offer?

Better access to target audiences

Social media offers the ability to reach your target audience better. You can develop a social media campaign to help create brand awareness and promote products to specific demographics on social media, albeit for a relatively small advertising fee. Unlike print and TV adverts, social media allows users to develop content to their liking and usually have no limit on the time frame. These campaigns will be posted to specific platforms, which will then be easy for your target audience to view and engage with them.

Smaller brands can even make use of geographical targeting to reach local customers easily. In order to maximize geo-targeting, you should have all your contact and location details on your site and social media pages.

Increased traffic and user engagement levels

You can use the numbers to grow your brand’s visibility and overall level of awareness about your products and services. Social media offers you access to a large base of potential clients. You will need to develop social campaigns and strategies to help make your brand more visible to these users, as well as increase interaction levels between yourself and potential clients.

If you are having trouble achieving your desired engagement levels, you could consider using alternative advertising strategies. For most platforms, it is difficult to successfully advertise your brand without a decent following. You may need to take advantage of paid views, likes and engagements to improve the performance of your campaigns. For instance, buying automatic likes for Instagram video posts will help you attract higher engagement levels on your current posts, as well as build a following for future posts.

Great reputation management

You can use social media to develop great relationships with your followers and potential clients. You may need to constantly interact with them and address any queries, complaints, and issues that they may have. Using your social media to offer value, bonuses, and promotions will improve your reputation. More users will visit your site and will be open to making purchases in the future.

Responding to as many people as possible will help build your reputation as well. You should aspire to interact with different interested persons on your social media platform, even when these comments are negative. Interacting with your followers, and maintaining a professional code of conduct, will help create a loyal brand following.

Increased sales and revenues

Over 75% of people who made a purchase through the internet visited social media to research the brand or product. The tendency towards e-commerce suggests that more people are looking towards e-commerce websites to make their purchases. In order to find trustworthy sites and great deals, most of these users are looking to social media. If you want to boost sales and revenues, you could appeal to users across different social media platforms.

You can increase conversion rates by marketing and remarketing your strategy across social media. Many users will not visit or make purchases from your site the first time they view a product or service offered. However, they are more likely to show interest and make purchases when the same service or product is remarketed to them again. Using paid social media advertising strategies could help improve your business’ performance, as well as drive up conversion levels.

What social media platforms are great for your business?

There are many social media avenues available. If your business is small or does not have a substantially sized social media team, keeping up with these avenues can be challenging. Users are active across all these platforms, and any negative social media practices such as ignoring interaction could prove costly for your brand.

It is important to find the right social media platforms for you. You can do this by researching trends to find out which platform appeals most to your target audience. These are a few social media platforms you may consider when creating a great social network.


This platform holds a small number of users when compared to other giants listed below. However, it offers access to a tech savvy demographic. It can be a great platform to test out content because it is based on sharing. The content is limited to images, text, and snippets of videos. Users will more likely use this platform for customer service.


The largest social media platform by active monthly users features about a 2.3 billion strong following. On the platform, users generally post articles, videos, images, and links to other content. It can ideal for visual content, as this will work to increase the number of shares and potential views. You should only post about twice or thrice a day.


This is the biggest video hosting platform on the internet. It features about 3 billion search requests every month, making it only less popular than Google’s famed search engine in terms of requests made. On the platform, millions of users spend hours on end watching videos. You will need to develop this type of content to attract users. This can be through the use of interactive, educative or entertaining posts.

Final thought

Finding the right social media platform will help improve your visibility to your target audience. However, you need to make regular posts and interact with your clients to develop a great social profile. More people will be willing to engage with your brand if you show concern for queries, comments and questions posed to your brand in a timely manner. In order to maximize this, you may need to hire out monitoring services to a dedicated social media team.

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