List of Top 5 WordPress WooCommerce and WordPress Consultancy Themes

Planning about building a new website, consider about building your site on world’s popular CMS (Content Management System) platform WordPress. To be frank, WordPress is an excellent platform to build a website especially for small scale business owners and for personal bloggers.

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WordPress WooCommerce and WordPress Consultancy Themes

The WordPress platform specially designed to reach the target audience without any mess. The CMS platform WordPress allows its users to build their sites on their own theme or to make use of the existing theme to build their site.

With more than 3,000+ licensed WordPress themes available in WordPress directory, you can a lot more 3rd party WordPress themes from various vendors. As per today’s market, WordPress CMS is highly used for building e-commerce website by using WooCommerce and Consultancy theme for building a small scale business web site.

Before getting deeper on WooCommerce and Consultancy WordPress Theme, lets brush-up with some basics.

What is a WordPress theme?

In general, a theme can brief as templates or style sheets that specially designed to showcase a website or blog. Here the WordPress theme does the similar thing in WordPress platform.

WordPress is a powerful software application that used to create and to maintain a website or a blog without any hassle. To create a website or a blog using a WordPress requires no coding or any other programming languages. The platform allows you to do wonderful things on your site; all you need to have is some little knowledge of CSS or HTML.

Well, WordPress theme can refer as a readymade template data which specifically designed to utilize for various websites. By using this template design, anyone can create a site or a blog within a minute.

In online, you can find a lot of premium and free WordPress themes with various functions. All you need to is to pick the right set of theme for your website and just add that via plug-in options in WordPress platform.

How to modify a WordPress theme?

It’s so simple to modify or to install a WordPress theme in WordPress platform, just follow the steps below

  • Step 1: On your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance > Themes > Add New
  • Step 2: You will see an upload option, click that browse button and upload the downloaded WordPress theme from your computer. In general, WordPress theme will be on a zipped file format. Once, it updated select the activate option. That it! You just installed and activated a theme on your WordPress platform.
  • Step 3: To update the installed theme, select the Theme Details option > Update. Or you can select Delete and install a new version by following Step 1 and 2.
  • Step 4: For activating Premium theme, a customized key required which can obtain once you paid to the respective creator or vendor. You need to enter the key after while selecting the activate button.

Okay, let’s back to the main track about briefing WooCommerce themes and Consultancy Themes.

WooCommerce WordPress Themes

WordPress themes with WooCommerce mainly used to build an online e-commerce/shopping website. A WooCommerce theme offers you all the features that are essential for running an online shopping website starting from carting, payment, reviewing/rating, adding wish lists, sorting and so.

Just like other themes, WordPress themes with WooCommerce too come with both paid and free version from various 3rd party vendors. All you need is to pick the right set of theme that suits well for your site requirements and install. As far as the rating concern, themes developed by the vendor Template Monster have high rating and reputation among the customers over the years.

They have a wide range of WooCommerce Themes under various categories like Business, Education, Real Estate, Sports, Automobiles, Animals and so.

List of Top 5 WooCommerce WordPress Themes 2019 from Template Monster

  1. Woostroid – Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme
  2. Naturio Food Store Template WooCommerce Theme
  3. Certionix – Sport Nutrition WooCommerce Theme
  4. Flashshop – Multipurpose Premium WooCommerce Theme
  5. SportLabs WooCommerce Theme

All themes come with an affordable price; buyers have the option of picking a suitable theme by sorting them based or price, ratings/reviews, and sales.

Consultancy WordPress Themes

Template Monster has been in this template business for more than a decade and they are the best when it comes to delivering responsive themes for CMS. WordPress Consultancy Themes from Template Monster are in high demand among the consulting business owners.

Template Monster themes created by talented designers and developers. So, it will surely attract the target audience and boost consulting business towards the success path.

List of Top 5 Consultancy WordPress Themes 2019 from Template Monster

  • TopConsult – Business Consulting WordPress Theme
  • BoostUp Business Consulting WordPress Theme
  • Interious – Business Services WordPress Theme
  • Barnaby – Consulting WordPress Theme
  • Arnatera – IT Consulting Responsive WordPress Theme

Tips for picking a right WordPress theme for your Website

While developing a website or a blog you might have a lot of option to pick. When it comes to developing websites in WordPress you will have en-numerous options to pick from thousands of open sources and paid themes. However, you need to focus on certain facts for selecting appropriate WordPress themes.

  • Pick the right theme for your website
  • Free or Paid Themes pick if fulfills your requirements (For business paid theme are highly suggested)
  • Sort-out the Key features
  • Prefer Simple and Lightweight Themes
  • Implement Responsive designs
  • It would be wise to pick Customize Themes
  • Check for browser compatibility and plug-ins
  • Prefer themes upon design not on functionality
  • Try to evaluate the theme fully before activating
  • Always read user’s reviews and rating


Every businessman would like to have a uniquely designed web theme for your website. In that case, opting towards the customizable WordPress theme will be a great choice, hiring a developer can do wonders on your site design by altering a few aspects of your site theme.

Since all WordPress themes perfectly designed by professionals’ websites will perform well in SEO.

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