AOL Mail – Key Features, Signup, Singin account Complete Guide

Are you willing to get connected to your friends and family using a personalized mail account? Are you looking for a source that can provide you seamless experience for mailing? If yes, AOL is just the right option that can make it easy happening for you. AOL is an acronym being used for America Online. The name was given to it in 2006 and is most commonly stylized as Aol Mail also. It is a free web-based email service being provided by AOL that is a division of Verizon Communication. The mailing system offers users the facility of getting connected with your friends and family members using a personalized mail experience. The service is also sometimes referred to as AIM Mail as well and that further is an acronym being used for AIL Instant Messenger. If you are willing to explore the world of AOL more with various information like its key features, steps to create AOL account, login guide and alternatives, the guide is surely going to be a great help for you.

AOL Mail

AOL Mail Key Features

AOL mail is one of the leading email services being provided by AOL that have made it quite easier to get connected with your buddies and family members very conveniently. It is a platform that you can use for exchanging emails in a very straightforward and very secure manner. The platform is quite user-friendly and well organized and one can handle it quite comfortably. You can not only use this platform for sending and receiving emails only but also can use it for accessing various other online services also. As the platform is getting quite popular these days, very firms also have started opting for it to stay connected with their employees. AOL has made the tasks of the organization, customization and mail access much easier now. Here we are going to provide some of the best and unique features of AOL mail for you and these are:

  • Featuring AIM

The presence of AIM is the best and most gratifying feature of AOL that has made it so popular in just over a shorter period. It is an instant and desktop presence program that has made it quite easier to communicate with your friends and family very conveniently through an instant messaging service. You don’t need to open up your email account every time you want to text something to your buddies. You can easily configure your AIM messenger now and can send and receive quick messages right on your AOL screen.

  • Events and Calendar

AOL Mail comes up with an integrated event and calendar option. Users are free to customize the events and calendars very conveniently. It is the best way to stay updated with your upcoming schedules.

  • To-Do Feature

AOL mail also provides users to do a feature. You are free to add and remember various tasks that you have to perform in the future. In other words, we can also say that you can now keep yourself updated with your upcoming schedule just by opting for this wonderful feature now. Accessing a to-do list is quite easier and one can easily do it using their mail screen also.

  • 24 hours of Technical Support

AOL mail offers users the facility of 24*7 technical support also. If you are having any issues, you are free to make a call at its toll-free number and that is +18445020074. AOL mail includes a professional team of specialists that listen to your issues very carefully and then try to resolve them as soon as possible as they can.

  • Integrated blog

The presence of AOL Journal, a free integrated blog is one of another wonderful feature that an AOL mail account provides you. You can now easily get started with your blog just by pressing the blog link and can fill in the subject and body of the blog you are about the post along with various tags here. Users are free to save and share this blog as per their preferences also.

  • Huge mailbox size

AOL mail offers users a huge mailbox size to enjoy on. Users can now easily store here about 1,000 new messages, 4,000 old messages and an equal number of sent messages as well per screen name. The mail account supports about 250GN of in all messages and enables users to attach about 25MB of data files as well.

Steps to create AOL Account

Have you all set to get started with the AOL account? If yes, we are here providing you the step by step detailed process for you. Make sure to follow it very carefully to avoid the chances of making any mistakes there. The only things you have to do for creating an AOL account successfully are:

    • Launch your web browser and then search for the option of the AOL website here in the search bar.
    • Just select the related option and then press on the Sign-UP option present at the top of its first page. You need to fill this form for AOL signup.
    • You will be asked to enter your name and email address to use here. Just make sure to add your full name and the required email address very carefully.
  • On the completion of the above process successfully, just tap on the option of Check. You can do the same whether to check the username you are adding here is available or not. If not, you can add here a new one and if yes, you can proceed with the same further also.
  • Pen down you’re your added username somewhere safe so that you can easily get the same in case if you forget it.
  • Once done, now it’s time to secure your AOL account. Just enter a secure password and then retype the same to confirm it. You can easily add here a perfect combination of alphanumeric passwords along with special characters to prevent third-party access up to a greater extent. Moreover, you can also add a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters here to make it more secure.
  • Next, use the drop-down menu and select your age over here.
  • Now select your gender and then enter the ZIP code of your area also.
  • As security matters a lot here, you would be now asked to add a security question here. You can choose any from the drop-down menu.
  • Once done provide the answer to the question in the next box and note down it also to make in use whenever required.
  • You will be now asked to enter an alternate email address here. The process is quite necessary and especially in case if you forgot your password. In case of forgotten passwords, the AOL mail sends out an email to this address with account reset instructions.
  • Now, press Next to go further with the process.
  • Next, you have to fill in a Captcha to verify human usage. Just type the letters or numbers very carefully from the security box.
  • Once done, just press the Sign-Up option to finalize your process now.
  • That’s it. You have now successfully created your AOL mail account. You can easily access it now anytime anywhere you want.

AOL Mail Login guide

Login to the AOL mail account is quite easy to do. You just have to follow the same procedure as you do with other mail accounts. The only things you have to do here are:

  • Launch the web browser using your device and once searched for the option of the AOL mail account here.
  • The home page of the AOL mail account will be on your main screen now.
  • Just tap on the Sign-in option to go further with the process.
  • You will be now asked to enter your email address and password option here. Just add them very carefully to enjoy a secure and easy login process.
  • Once done, you are now free to access your AOL email account very conveniently.

AOL Mail LoginAOL Mail Alternatives

AOL Mail is one of the finest free online web-based email services that include a huge database over there. It is one of the leading email services that is currently being used by millions of users globally. The main reason for such a huge success of this wonderful framework is the mind-blowing features it offers to its users such as: stacking photographs, easy connections, dates, and addresses from messages and much more. If any case you are failing to access AOL and are now looking for the best alternatives for its, we are just to provide some of the best ones here.

  • Gmail

Leading up with the most popular email services providers on the list, Gmail is a group of Google. Gmail includes one of the most prominent databases of email services being directed by Google that offers free pursuit webmail services to the users. Working on a 15 GB free stockpiling along with wonderful features like SPAM insurance and easily viewing email strings would be a great experience for everyone. The involvement of various things like Google Drive and Google + photos along with Gmail is one of the other wonderful features of why this platform has grabbed the majority of the web services area.

  • Outlook

It is another one of the finest alternatives of AOL mail services that serve as a great data supervisor and email customer to the users. The outlook is an email service being provided by Microsoft that offers users access over two arrangements. One of the finest things about Outlook is that it offers both web-based services and desktop-based email services to the users as well. whether you are looking for perusing with web or are looking to enjoy the services of a contact administrator, whether you are willing to take on notes or you are willing to supervise the various assignments, Outlook will take care of all the things very conveniently.

  • Hushmail

It is another one of the best alternatives for AOL mail services that offer wonderful features like document stockpiling, PGP encoded emails and much more to the users. One of the best things about Hushmail is that you can easily download it on your device as well. Users are free here to enjoy shrouded IP addresses in the email headers quite conveniently here. If you are worried about the security of the recorded data here, just keep it off as Hushmail deletes the about three weeks of unused data automatically. Moreover, if you want your records back, you can easily get them just by paying for the service provider here.

  • Yahoo Mail

Yahoo is one of the oldest and best alternatives for AOL services that are quite popular among seasoned email customers. It is another one of the largest email services providers across the globe that provides its services basically in two different arrangements. Users can easily use Yahoo accounts for personal emails and can also use it for business purposes. It is a free email service that does not provide any restrictions on the access to business records. If required, users can conveniently join about ten records in one email here.

  • Fast Mail

If you are willing to establish an email service for your business purpose, then Fast mail is one of the best alternatives of AOL mail you can choose on. It is one of the most secure and protected platforms that provides quite surprising cost structure for the users to enjoy on. One of the best things about Fast mail services it that it is accessible in 36 dialects globally. Users are free here to enjoy quick messaging services without paying anything for that.


Hoping guys! This guide will prove to be a great help to you. Working on such a wonderful platform would be quite an amazing experience. It is one of the finest personalized and secured platforms that currently have won the trust of millions of people globally. Just create a free email account here on AOL and enjoy the best email services experience ever. In any case, if you are finding it harder, the guide will help you in the same.

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