Eway Bill Login: Complete Registration and Login Process

After the introduction of GST, things have been changed to an extent, and procedures have become quite easy to handle for people right now. Earlier there was no real bill available on transport goods. But now, the electronic way bill has been introduced, which is also referred to as the eway bill. People who are looking forward to generating it need to know about the eway bill login and other related details so that completing the procedure will be easy for them. In this article, we will highlight all the related aspects so that you will not face any kind of trouble, and generating the eway bill will be easy for you.

Eway Bill login

What is an eway bill?

An E-way bill is a document or a type of real bill which indicates the movement of all the goods from one location to another. A person who is GST registered cannot transport goods in a vehicle until and unless an e-way bill is not available. Also, the value at which the E-way bill is imposed is Rs. 50,000. Users can generate the E-way bill through the official website at ewaybill.nic.in.

Moreover, if the plan has been changed and the user is looking forward to canceling the bill, they can do it with the help of SMS as well. But some dedicated steps are there which they need to follow for utilizing the same. The best part is the copy of the e-way bill is available with the transporter, receiver, and supplier so that there will be no chance of discrepancy until and unless the goods are delivered.

When is it required by an individual to generate the eway bill?

It is essential to know that before the commencement of transportation of goods, it is important to generate the e-way bill. The major purposes behind generating the e-way bill are as follows:-

  • There is a supply of goods or along with consideration.
  • No consideration is there with the supply of goods.
  • Supply received from unregistered person.

Supply not specifically focusing on the movement of goods but also focusing on other reasons, including inter-branch transfer and purchase done from an unregistered person along with barter exchange of goods. Moreover, some other scenarios are also there where there is a requirement for generating e way bill irrespective of the minimum amount to that is Rs. 50000. These instances are as follows:-

  • If the interstate transfer of goods has been done by the principal to the job worker by the principal or by any other registered job worker.
  • A dealer dealing with handicrafts good doing the interstate transfer requires the e-way bill to get exemption from GST registration.

Additionally, an e-way bill can be easily generated by a registered person, an unregistered person, and a Transporter easily. It totally depends on the criteria need to follow. Make sure to understand that in case the transportation of goods has been done from an unregistered person to the registered person, the E-way bill generation is a must. This is the duty of the transporter to generate the E-way bill if the suppliers have not paid attention to it. With all the unregistered Transporters, the Transporter ID is provided on the eway bill login portal through which they can complete the task.

How to generate the eway bill with the help of SMS based facility?

SMS-based facilities also there are available for people through which they can generate the E-way bill. The steps are as follows:’

1. Login on the eway Bill Login portal:

The primary stepper user needs to follow is to do the e-way bill login on the main portal. They can visit to www.ewaybill.nic.in and on the main page registration option is available click on it.

In the drop-down menu for SMS, the option is there select it.

2. Mention registered mobile number.

After selecting the SMS option, mention the registered mobile number and hit on send OTP option. After receiving the OTP, enter the same and hit on verify, then exit.

3. Click on the exit button:

As soon as you click on the accept button, the user ID will be displayed on the screen, and you can cross-check it from there.

4. Select user ID

Now all the user IDs appear right in front of you. Select the relevant user ID along with the mobile number and hit on the submit button to generate the e-way bill.

5. Hit on submit button:

As soon as you click on the submit button, the e-way bill will be generated, and you can take the printout of the same.

How to generate eway Bill with the help of a website?

If you are not finding yourself to be comfortable with the SMS option website is also there for catering to all your need for generating the E-way bill. The steps for the same are as follows:-

1. Visit eway Bill Login portal:

Primarily visit the E-way bill portal at the website www.waybill.nic.in and mention the login details as asked.

2. Click on generate new eway bill.

Now you there is supposed to hit on the “generate new option” right there on the main menu page. It allows them to create a new e way bill easily.

3. Choose inward or outward:

EWB bill generation form will appear right in front of you, and it requires all the similar details. These details are essential for generating the GST invoice. We suggest you select the outward option in case you are a supplier but if you are a recipient, hit on the inward option. After using it, fulfill all the details along with the GST pin number. Check out all the details before heading to the next step.

4. Get the details and mention them:

Right now, the user is supposed to fulfill the below-mentioned details:-

  • Quantity and unit of goods
  • The name of the product and description needs to be complete
  • Enter the HSN code for the product
  • Mention the value of the products along with the tax rate
  • Mention the IGST or CGST rate separately For inter-state transport and SGST and CGST for intra State transport.
  • Mention the approximate distance of transportation, and don’t forget to mention the Transporter name along with the Transporter ID

5. Click on submit:

When you are done with mentioning all the details, get on the submit button for creating the bill. The e-way bill will get generated, and you need to check it out.

6. Check out the details and hit on submit:

Now go through all the details and hit on the submit button. Mention all the required fields to get it.

Within no time, the e-way bill will get generated, and you can have all the benefits related to it.

Benefits of e way bill:

You might be looking forward to knowing that why you perform e way bill login essentially. If you have the same thought, let’s get well versed with all the benefits:-

  • Few documents are required for documentation.
  • Transportation will be efficient.
  • User-friendly.
  • E way bill will get generated quickly.
  • There will be a reduction in cost.

Here we have come to an end and discuss the E-way bill and all other details. Make sure to generate it before the transportation of goods so that there will be no such trouble at all.

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